Hygienic drain design, sanitisers and drain management

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The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, economical cleaning, and the controlled release and reuse of water. In an interview for New Food, James Marsden from Kansas State University, put some questions to Brett Ira, Key Account Manager at ACO Group, to further explain hygienic drain design…

Hygienic drain design, sanitisers and drain management

In today’s food production environment, the installation of proper drainage is very important for numerous reasons; to keep the food safe from cross contamination, to keep employees safe by minimising the risk of slips and other accidents in the workplace, and to minimise operational costs for a facility by having a proper drainage system in place which enables easy maintenance. As such, James’ first question was: “How are drains engineered to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitation?” Generally the main features that ensure this are rounded inner corners, butt welding of the end caps and outlet, and a removable foul air trap which can be thoroughly cleaned due to the overall design.

“When a drain has a protruding spigot fashioned as a foul air trap, standing water can often be difficult to remove along with any other food particles left after floor cleaning,” explains Brett. “The longevity of the drains also comes into play in this case as a rusted corroding drainage system is often impossible to keep thoroughly clean and free from bacteria and pathogens.” Brett continues to explain that provided the surface is properly treated after the welding of outlet and end caps, stainless steel drains – whether they are made from 1.4301 or 1.4401 grade steel – can increase the life of the drainage system and ensure it is an easily maintained component of a food production environment…

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