Hygiene supplement 2015

Posted: 30 June 2015 | New Food magazine | 2 comments

In our latest Hygiene supplement: contributions from the EHEDG on hygienic design for food factories; and Vikan on decontamination of food industry cleaning brushware…

Hygiene supplement 2015

This Hygiene supplement is sponsored by Aventics, BASF, Respol, Packo Pumps, 3M and Vikan.

  • Hazard management by food factory hygienic design
    Dr John Holah Technical Director, Holchem Laboratories Ltd
    In late 2014, the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) published a guidance document on hygienic design principles for food factories1 . The guidance covers the appropriate separation of food processing zones as well as other key design elements, providing a comprehensive approach to the design of factory sites in order to minimise the risk of contamination in a variety of scenarios…
  • Q&A
    Philip Ansell, European Marketing Manager for Ucrete hygienic flooring at BASF, explains how intelligent floor design can protect against contamination…
  • Decontamination of food industry cleaning brushware – A matter of hygienic design
    Debra Smith Global Hygiene Specialist, Vikan
    The importance of using cleaning equipment of good hygienic design has recently been recognised by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) who, in issue 7 of their Global Standard for Food Safety, state in section 4.11.6 that ‘cleaning equipment shall be: hygienically designed and fit for purpose’1 , but what impact will this new requirement have on the food industry? …

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  1. Sonia nakhasi says:

    Need more information about decontamination of food industry cleaning brushware

    • Lotte Jensen says:

      Dear Sonia,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Please contact our UK customer service team who can provide more information 01793 71 67 70.
      Kind regards

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