Dairy Processing supplement 2014

Posted: 6 January 2015 | | No comments yet

In this Dairy Processing supplement we take a look at the shelf life and stability of dairy products, and how water reuse and saving represents a new frontier in food manufacturing…

Dairy Processing supplement
  • peretThe shelf life and stability of dairy products
    Matteo Alessandro Del Nobile and Amalia Conte, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Foggia
    Dairy processing has a long tradition, as demonstrated by the large variety of typical cheeses produced in different areas all over the world. According to the definition dictated by EC Reg. 1234/2007 to art. 114/Annex XII “milk products are products derived exclusively from milk, on the understanding that substances necessary for their manufacture may be added, as long as they are not used to replace in whole or in part any of the components of milk”. On the basis of the moisture content, it can be possible to group cheese into three main categories: hard cheese (moisture content of 20-42 per cent), semi-hard cheese (moisture content of 44-55 per cent) and soft cheese (moisture content around 55 per cent)…
  • Water reuse and saving in the food industry: A new frontier in food manufacturing
    Hans Henrik Holst, Arla Foods Ingredients Group / Frans van den Berg and Søren B. Engelsen, University of Copenhagen
    Water is not only a resource, it is a life source. We all share the responsibility to ensure a healthy, secure and sustainable way of applying water now and in the future for our  communities, environment and economy – our lives depend on it. The massive volumes of process water wasted in the food and bioprocessing industries represent an environmental burden that can be turned into a resource…

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