New Food Issue 1 2021

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Issue 1 2021 of New Food is available to read online, featuring stories on food safety, bakery, ingredients and our Food Integrity preview…

New Food Issue 1

Inspired by the interviews that you’ll find as you leaf through the pages of this issue, I was keen to explore the idea of how nations have evolved different cuisines in this Welcome. Obviously, this is somewhat of an ambitious topic to tackle in a mere 600 words, so I’m afraid the history lesson is on hold for now; but I do want to touch on this interesting subject in the infinitesimal space I have…

Terrain, fauna, climate and flora have all contributed to the development of regional cuisines. For example, the climate in Greece is particularly suited to drought-tolerant plants that can grow on hillsides, such as olives and grape vines – which feature regularly on the regions’ plates.

Included in this edition:

    Setting the standards for seaweed analysis – As seaweed demand grows, two experts explain why a lack of regulation is an immediate concern, and what laboratories should be mindful of.
    Running multiple businesses successfully – What’s the recipe for success and global expansion? Bethan Grylls interviews Paul Baker of St Pierre Groupe to find out… 
    Flavours of tomorrow: what’s trending for 2021? – Flavour expert, Chris Whiting, highlights the key drivers behind future flavour trends and what to look out for this year.
    Fitness for purpose – Two Nestlé experts discuss analytical methods and how to determine which is the right technique for the job.
    What do we want? Mess-free Mexican food! – Jose Alves, Old El Paso, highlights the importance of listening.

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