Issue #6 2013 – Digital edition

Posted: 2 January 2014 | | 2 comments

In this issue: Lyophilisation, Sodium reduction in ready meals, Rapid Methods & Mass Spectrometry supplement, Confectionery, Pasta Processing, Effects of temperature and humidity on baking, Safe water supplies…

  • NF Issue 6 2013Lyophilisation:
    Davide Fissore, Mauricio M. Coletto and Antonello A. Barresi from the Politecnico di Torino discuss the challenges and opportunities of atmospheric food freeze-drying
  • Sodium Reduction:
    Martin G. Wilkinson from the University of Limerick looks at sodium reduction in ready meals
  • Rapid Methods & Mass Spectrometry supplement:
    With articles from Erwan Engel and colleagues from INRA, Andrew G. Gehring from the US Department of Agriculture, Lili He at the University of Massachusetts, Angela Calder, Leatherhead Food Research and Gianluca Dimartino, RSSL
  • IFPAC® 2014 show preview
  • Confectionery:
    K. Niranjan from the University of Reading reveals how to create food structure out of thin air
  • Pasta Processing:
    Alexis Freier from Dakota Growers Pasta Company discusses pasta production
  • Temperature & Humidity:
    Gary Tucker and Graham Duckworth of Campden BRI look at the effects of temperature and humidity on baking
  • Water use:
    Erik Voigt, Henry Jaeger and Dietrich Knorr from Technische Universität Berlin compare applicable technologies to secure safe water supplies
  • CFIA show preview
  • In a nutshell:
    An interview with Rohit Shroff, Application Specialist, Tecan Switzerland AG

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