A closer look at… GBBO Week #8: Life on Marzipan

13 October 2016  •  Author(s): Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

Welcome to our GBBO online feature in which we will briefly pick apart each episode of the UK television sensation Great British Bake Off as it continues its seventh series and consider a related issue each week that faces the food industry as highlighted in the show.


And so we welcome Tudor week.

Why? No one knows but it was fun and wrought with drama. 


Star Baker – Candice

Eliminated – Benjamina

Why? – The cult of personality strikes again as fan-favourite Selasi, by far the weakest link, survived to keep the viewers happy

Highlight of the episode – Watching the contestants squirm during Paul Hollywood’s technical challenge


As there was a lot of marzipan flying around week 8 on Bake Off, New Food put together a tasty infographic on the sugary delight.

Ever wondered how it’s made? 

Look no further readers…


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