Robot chefs are here, and they’re cooking lunch

11 August 2016  •  Author(s): Roy Manuell

Get your lunch cooked by robot chefs and learn what food manufacturing could look like in 2030.


Join food industry leaders to ponder what food processing will look like at the “Food Manufacturing 2030 Conference” at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach, UK on Thursday 13th October.

“Great opportunity to see the robotic future of food manufacturing, forward thinking concepts, definitely pleased I signed up”

Annelie Vorster, Continous Improvement, Bokomo Foods

The future with robot chefs

The food industry is ripe for change as it faces a perfect storm driven by the living wage, flat line productivity and food deflation. The University of Lincoln & OAL believe in order to meet these challenges the industry must transform itself with flexible robotics and automation over the next two decades.

APRIL will cook lunch

OAL’s APRIL robotic food processing platform is pushing barriers and attendees will get a taste of the future as she’s cooking lunch. Watch the future of ready meal production as APRIL (Automated Processing Robotic Ingredient Loading)  effortlessly twirls a pan around the food processing hall combining ingredients, cooking and cleaning with no human intervention.

“Whilst it’s early days for Robotics in the UK food manufacturing industry the opportunity is immense. The launch of OAL’s APRIL last month could well prove to be one of the major milestones in the development of the food industry.” 

Ross Van Geest, Managing Director, Geest


Expert Speakers

The conference brings together thought leaders from across the food industry to provide insights into why and how the food industry will change by 2030.

Speakers include:

·         Simon Lushey, Specialist Technical Manager at Marks & Spencer, speaking about why innovation is important to retailing.

·         Ann Savage, Technical Specialist (Former Group Technical Director at Bakkavor), speaking about the future of chilled food manufacturing.

·         Steve Osborn, Food Technology Scout, Aurora Ceres Partnership, will be discussing the consumer trends that will shape food manufacturing moving towards 2030.

·         Andrea Paoli, Senior Lecturer in industrial automation and robotics at the University of Lincoln will be speaking about robotic technological developments.

More industry speakers will be announced, and delegates will hear insight studies from across the food supply chain.

“Really informative presentations, the lack of adoption of robots to date is startling, and I think this is set to change with the rising costs associated with the living wage”

Craig Leadley, Section Manager, Campden BRI

Who should attend?

The event is designed for senior food processing and industry professionals looking to learn how robotics and automation will transform their food businesses.

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