FoodIntegrity: A roundtable roundup

4 May 2016  •  Author(s): Kaynat Choudhury, Multimedia Content Manager

While at the FoodIntegrity conference New Food hosted a live roundtable event about the gaps in current research in regards to food authenticity and its impact on the supply chain.

Keynote speakers from the conference acted as participants, and many interesting points were raised, such as application of testing, food fraud, database development and emerging technologies.

Participants were asked five questions:

  1. Application of testing within risk mitigation strategies: how much testing is enough?
  1. What are the scientific challenges in moving from targeted to non-targeted methods for food fraud testing and how can they be addressed?
  1. Database development, use and curation. What can be done to ensure databases are reliable?
  1. Are there any technologies from other sectors that could be used in the food sector?
  1. How can technologies such as NGS, REIMS and NMR, and other emerging technologies be used and applied to tackle future food fraud issues? Can this be done in a cost effective manner?

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