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Membrane emulsification



Membrane and microchannel emulsification

4 July 2012 | By Dr Henelyta Ribeiro, Global Project Leader, Unilever

The production of emulsions with very low mechanical stress and a lower energy input than conventional mechanical methods have been developed in recent years and will be presented in this overview, the so-called membrane and microchannel emulsification. They are efficient processes due to their operational flexibility, reproducibility, straightforward upscaling and…


Membrane emulsification: how to get from basics to business

1 June 2009 | By Jeroen Willemsen, Manager Business Development, Food Technology Centre, Wageningen UR and Verena Eisner Researcher Separation Technology, Food Technology Centre, Wageningen UR

Consumer expectations of product quality for food emulsions drive the industry to continuously invest in new production methods. Membrane emulsification (ME) has been known for many years and its potential is emphasised in numerous scientific publications. ME is said to ensure highly controlled production of particulates and be a more…