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Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI)



Quick and simple sensory evaluation of your products

6 March 2012 | By Dr. Lene Meinert, Consultant, Department of Raw Meat Quality, Danish Meat Research Institute

Imagine that you have found a new and cheaper supplier of spice mixes for one of your popular products. Imagine too that you want to change the raw material composition of the product. Indeed, there are many parameters that could be modified. But how do you get an easy and…


Stability of pork during frozen storage

6 September 2011 | By Lene Meinert, Consultant, Danish Meat Research Institute

Freezing is a well-known and widespread preservation method, prolonging the shelf-life of meat and many other food items. Freezing is popular, as it allows meat to keep a close-to-fresh quality for a long time, and it also allows long distance transports. However, depending on the time and temperature combinations during…


Same-day PCR testing of Salmonellain meat: From research to routine application at slaughterhouses

7 July 2011 | By J. Hoorfar, C. Löfström & M.H. Josefsen, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark and F. Hansen & S. Mansdal, Danish Meat Research Institute and J. Andersen, Danish Crown A/S and G. Pedersen, TiCan amba

Due to the very short shelf-life of fresh (especially ground) meat, slaughterhouses benefit from faster screening tests to dispatch Salmonella-free meat as soon as possible after slaughter. An increasing number of European countries require that the meat is tested as free for Salmonella before it is imported. This is currently…


Danish Meat Research Institute provides innovative solutions for the global meat industry

12 December 2009 | By Lars Hinrichsen, Chief Executive, DMRI

While Denmark is renowned for its high-tech agricultural sector, the Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) based in Roskilde provides scientific research and consultancy to make better solutions for tomorrow's meat industry. Employing a dedicated team of approximately 100 researchers, DMRI develops advanced knowledge on everything from animal welfare before slaughtering…


Protecting quality of sliced meats

29 July 2005 | By Jens Stoumann Jensen, Project Manager, M.Sc. Food Science and Technology, Danish Meat Research Institute

Manufacturers of cured and cooked sliced meats are met with increasing demands on shelf life and safety. Improved knowledge and understanding of the interactions between the packaging parameters and their influence on colour stability, sensory perception, microbial safety and shelf life will be indispensable if they want to stay in…