A taste of Tate & Lyle at FIE 2011

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Tate & Lyle’s extensive ingredients and formulation expertise help food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and develop new products…

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Tate & Lyle’s extensive ingredients and formulation expertise help food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and develop new products with wide consumer appeal. Fi Europe 2011 offers a perfect opportunity to discover Tate & Lyle’s latest ingredient creations, taste new prototypes, and meet the team.

“In buying our ingredients, customers aren’t simply purchasing the texturant, the sweetener or the fibre, they are also buying other essential components – Tate & Lyle’s knowledge, expertise and service,” says Jacques Rossello, VP Sales EMEA, Tate & Lyle Speciality Food Ingredients.

Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to find out how Tate & Lyle can help them be:

  • Unbeatable in Beverages

This year saw a significant increase and volatility in sugar prices. Tate & Lyle will showcase its impressive OPTIMIZE® drink prototypes which provide a significant cost reduction and retain their original taste. Visitors will be invited to participate in the famous “tasting challenges”, to see if they can tell the difference between full sugar drinks and calorie-reduced versions made with SPLENDA® Sucralose. As an expert in sweetening solutions, Tate & Lyle will also demonstrate how to get more with less sugar through its CREATE® drinks.

  • Superb in Snacks and Bakery

Consumers’ increased focus on healthier lifestyles is particularly driving innovation in this area. Through its REBALANCE® and ENRICH® services, Tate & Lyle provides sugar-reduced and fibre-enriched bakery products and snacks. Cost optimised solutions will also be featured at the show, including bakery products made with CARCAO™ carob powder, Tate & Lyle’s cocoa replacement solution. Exciting gluten-free products are also available.

  • Sumptuous in Soups, Sauces and Dressings

While always improving the high quality of their products, manufacturers in this dynamic category are also looking to optimise costs and create simpler ingredient listings. Visitors will find out how Tate & Lyle starches and stabilizers systems can help. Nutrition is also a particular focal point, and Tate & Lyle will be presenting new concepts for no added sugar sauces.

  • Delicious in Dairy and Cool in Ice Cream

Tate & Lyle continues to build on its expertise in the vast field of dairy-based products, by developing concepts to meet the needs of today’s consumers: fewer calories, less fat, more creaminess, more fibre. New prototypes will show what solutions can be delivered for cost optimisation, simpler ingredient lists, and ‘premiumisation’. In particular latest developments in ice cream will be addressed, including CREAMIZ™, an innovative fat booster and fat replacer.

Tate & Lyle will also debut a new soluble fibre, PROMITOR™ Soluble Gluco Fibre. PROMITOR™ SGF70L offers food and beverage manufacturers a dietary fibre made in Europe that is well tolerated and provides attractive label options. Its process and acid stability enables manufacturers to develop new, healthier versions of a wide range of food and beverage products at a moderate cost-in-use.

By expanding its capacity to manufacture a range of different soluble fibres, Tate & Lyle has reiterated its commitment to respond to growing consumer demand for products with health and wellness benefits.

Meet Tate & Lyle at stand 2C21 at FI Europe, Paris, France, 29 Nov. – 1 Dec.

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