Sustainability experts to host panel discussion on nurturing the next generation of cocoa farmers

Posted: 3 October 2011 | Kraft Foods | 1 comment

Sustainability experts gather for a panel discussion…

Kraft Foods

Sustainability experts will gather on October 4 before the launch of the Chocolate Around the World exhibit at The Field Museum in Chicago for a panel discussion on nurturing the next generation of cocoa farmers. World Cocoa Foundation, the poverty-fighting organization CARE, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Kraft Foods are hosting the event.

Panelists will share their perspectives on why and how cocoa can become an attractive business for the next generation of cocoa farmers. They will discuss how governments, the cocoa and chocolate industry and farmers themselves can play a role to improve farmer incomes and support thriving village communities.

Mary Ellen Johnston, Regional Director for Concern Worldwide U.S., will moderate the panel. Concern is a non-governmental, international humanitarian organization that has an on-the-ground presence in 25 of the world’s poorest countries.

Panel experts include Bill Guyton, President of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF); Yaa Peprah Agyeman Amekudzi, Director of the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership of Kraft Foods, Ghana; and Late Lawson-Lartego, Director of the Economic Development Unit at CARE.

Kraft Foods is committed to improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and promoting cocoa sustainability. Today, 40-50 million people around the world depend on cocoa for their livelihood. Industry, governments and cocoa farmers are working together to promote the long-term stability and success of this crop, starting with the well-being of farmers and their families.

Through grassroots programs in Africa, the World Cocoa Foundation and its members create meaningful partnerships that drive positive change and empower the next generation of cocoa farmers. WCF’s Empowering Cocoa Households with Opportunities and Education Solutions (ECHOES) Alliance aims to strengthen cocoa-growing communities by expanding opportunities for youth and young adults through education. WCF’s Cocoa Livelihoods Program (CLP) works at increasing farmer incomes through agricultural and business training.