The Coca-Cola Foundation invests $9.6 million to fortify global sustainability efforts

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$3.6 million will support global water initiatives…

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The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company, recently awarded $9.6 million in grant awards to more than 40 global community organizations during the third quarter of 2011. Of the $9.6 million awarded, $3.6 million will support water stewardship projects; $1.8 million will support educational initiatives; and $1.3 million will support fitness and nutrition programs. Additionally, $1.3 million will support other local priorities, such as recycling, youth development, arts and culture, and civic initiatives.

“The Coca-Cola Company is doing its part to help communities thrive,” said Ingrid Saunders Jones, Chairperson of The Coca-Cola Foundation. ” We are supporting a wide-range of sustainable community programs across the globe to help develop economies, improve lives and create opportunity .”

Those global organizations receiving funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation during the 3 rd quarter of 2011 include:

Water Stewardship

  • Cambodian Women for Peace and Development, “Communities Clean Water Supply and Sanitation,” Cambodia, $45,000
  • CARE USA, “Rapid Glacier Retreat in the Tropical Andes,” United States, $70,000
  • Nature Conservancy, “North American Partnership,” The United States, $200,000
  • Research Center for Family Health & Community Development, “Clean Water for Communities,” Vietnam, $70,000
  • Tree Utah, “Ecological Restoration Program: Jordan River Watershed,” United States, $20,000
  • Umweltorganisation WWF International Danube-Carpathian Programme, “Wetland Restoration in the Danube-Drava-Mura Area,” Austria, $90,000
  • United Nations Foundation, “Community-based Water Management and Adaptation to Climate Change Project,” United States, $2 million
  • World Wildlife Fund, Inc., “Community and Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change,” United States, $600,000
  • World Wildlife Fund, Inc., “Restoration of Monday River in Parana Watershed,” United States, $60,000
  • WWF Spain (Adena), “Restoring Alto Guardiana,” Spain, $441,000


  • Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc., “Apollo Theater Academy,” United States, $200,000
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, “Coca-Cola First Generation College Scholarship Program,” United States, $100,000
  • China Youth Development Foundation, “Project Hope Teacher Training Program,” China, $50,000
  • National Urban Fellows, Inc., “Public Service Leadership Development and Diversity Program,” United States, $50,000
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress, “Little Red School House,” Philippines, $200,000
  • Save the Children Honduras, “Building Communication and Capacity Opportunity for the Prevention of Child Labor in Sugar Cane Farms,” Honduras, $100,000
  • United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, “BizFest-Youth Entrepreneurship Training and Competition,” United States, $25,000
  • University of San Francisco, “Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship Program,” United States, $500,000 multi-year grant
  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta, Inc., “Think UP! Unlimited Possibilities: The Career Life Empowerment Program,” United States, $50,000

Active Healthy Living

  • Gameday Healthy Kids Foundation, “The Gameday/Coca-Cola Live Positively Initiative,” United States, $50,000
  • ISB vzw, “Street Action,” Belgium, $651,000
  • Loughborough University Development Trust, “Sporting Performance and Promotion of Physical Activity,” United Kingdom, $464,000
  • Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, Inc., “Health and Wellness Programming for People of all Abilities,” United States, $50,000
  • Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports, “Using Sports to Promote a Healthy Future,” United Kingdom, $50,000
  • Special Olympics Israel, “Sport Competition for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities,” Israel, $50,000
  • Special Olympics Ukraine, “2011 Special Olympics European Basketball Week in Ukraine,” Ukraine, $20,000


  • Keep America Beautiful, Inc., “Collegiate Recycling Bin Grant,” United States, $150,000
  • Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, “Fresh WATER (Wise Approach to Environment Resources),” Ukraine, $60,000

Disaster Relief

  • American National Red Cross, “Disaster Relief for New York,” United States, $25,000
  • United Way of Vermont, “Statewide Disaster Relief,” United States, $25,000


  • The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation: Africare, United States, “The Injongo Yethu Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Services Project,” $1 million
  • Chinese Foundation for the Prevention of STD & AIDS, “Aid Project for AIDS Affected Vulnerable Groups,” China, $200,000

Youth Development

  • JA Worldwide, “INJAZ – Coca-Cola Civic Engagement Initiative,” United States, $500,000
  • Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, “Leadership Academy to Serve Metro Atlanta High School Students,” United States, $50,000
  • Latin American Association, “!Inspira! Youth Academic Achievement Initiative,” United States, $25,000

Community/Arts & Culture/ Environment

  • 24/7 Gateway, LLC, “Gateway Center Homeless Outreach and Services,” United States, $50,000
  • Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, HACR Corporate Executives Forum,” United States, $50,000
  • La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club Inc., “La MaMa Culturehub Educational Initiative,” United States, $100,000
  • Please Be Kind to Cyclists, “Victim Relief Effort (Cyclists VIP),” United States, $25,000
  • Estonian Fund for Nature, “Regeneration of Mires,” Estonia, $20,000
  • Fundación Junior Achievement Ecuador, “Aprender a Emprender en el Medio Ambiente AEMA” (Learn to be an Entrepreneur in the Environment, Ecuador, $10,000
  • H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, “Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments,” United States, $150,000
  • Vsemirnyi Fond Prirody, “Community-Based Polar Bear Conservation in Chukotka,” Russian Federation, $100,000

About The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation has contributed more than $451 million in support of global sustainable community initiatives. Since the beginning of 2011, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded more than $47 million to 167 community organizations. For more information about The Coca-Cola Foundation, please go to

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