Tate & Lyle launches tailor made cocoa replacement solution with CARCAO™

Posted: 22 August 2011 | Tate & Lyle | No comments yet

Tate & Lyle, announces the launch of a tailor made cocoa replacement solution using a high quality carob powder ingredient, CARCAO™…

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Tate & Lyle, the global ingredients and food solutions provider, announces the launch of a unique tailor made cocoa replacement solution using a high quality carob powder ingredient, CARCAO™. This solution allows food manufacturers to make significant cost savings in the total recipe cost.

With its familiar cocoa-like flavour and colouring, CARCAO™ can be used as a partial cocoa replacement in dairy, bakery and ice cream applications. Working to individual manufacturer briefs, Tate & Lyle can develop bespoke products according to the manufacturer’s desired colour or flavour.

For instance, by adjusting the temperature and roasting conditions during the production of carob powder, Tate & Lyle’s specialists are able to produce a series of different CARCAO™ products, ranging from light brown and sweet tasting to dark brown with a strong unsweetened taste. Tate & Lyle’s technologists work hand in hand with manufacturers to develop customised recipes and achieve the desired results.

Tate & Lyle has developed case studies to demonstrate the cost benefits of using CARCAO™ to manufacturers, including a Chocolate Mousse, a Chocolate tasting Muffin, a Cocoa Drink, a Chocolate Ice Cream and a Cocoa Filling. Those great tasting recipes have similar properties and quality as the full-cocoa alternative and deliver significant cost reductions on the total recipe cost.

Kerstin Werner, Head of Business Development, Tate & Lyle Food Systems, said: “In light of volatile cocoa pricing and supply issues, many food manufacturers are looking for solutions which reduce the cocoa content of their products as a means of controlling recipe costs. We offer a complete and tailor made approach by producing bespoke CARCAO™ products and helping with the formulation of the recipe, ensuring that their products adopt a similar cocoa taste profile and look.”

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