Tate & Lyle’s CREAMIZ™ wins Ringier 2011 Food & Beverage Technology Innovation Award

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CREAMIZ™ has won the 2011 Ringier Technology Innovation Award…

Tate & Lyle Ice Cream

Tate & Lyle, the global ingredients and food solutions provider, announced that its newly launched starch CREAMIZ™ has won the 2011 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for best food & beverage ingredient. This Food & Beverage prize was awarded by Ringier Trade Publishing Company in recognition of the significant contribution of CREAMIZ™ to the advancement of the food and beverage industry in China.

The award winners were selected by an independent panel, comprising of a group of industry experts. The presentation ceremony was held on June 22nd in Shanghai, during the Food Ingredients Asia show (Fi-A).

CREAMIZ™ was first introduced as a part of Tate & Lyle’s OPTIMIZE® platform, aiming to balance recipe costs by replacing fat, without changing the texture. It is also used in Tate & Lyle’s CREATE® platform adding a unique smoothness and richness to a product’s mouth feel without adding additional fat. CREAMIZ™ uses unique starch modification technology to make it a leading contender for fat substitution in a wide range of food products. It will not affect the creaminess of products it is used in, but instead will complement and enhance their existing texture, creating a rich and full bodied flavour.

“When using CREAMIZ™, a low fat product can have the texture of the full fat version, and a full fat product can have the indulgent mouthfeel of a premium product, at low cost in use. The versatile performance of CREAMIZ™ helps our customers respond to consumers’ increasing need for health and wellness and indulgence,” said Sebastian Lemke, Senior Product Manager of Tate & Lyle Asia Pacific.

Tate & Lyle’s consumer research shows that consumers are not willing to compromise on taste and texture in healthy foods. Their research also shows that ‘creaminess’ is a key driver in consumer’s preference for dairy products. The new ingredient CREAMIZ™ from Tate & Lyle adds value to customers by directly addressing these market needs. CREAMIZ™ can be used on standard food manufacturing lines and does not require specific equipment to be added. It can be used in wide range of products including yogurts, dairy desserts, and ice-cream.

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