Kit Kat arrives in Brazil

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Nestlé’s popular chocolate brand Kit Kat looks set to arrive in Brazil. Brazilians will have the opportunity to “Have a Break” and “Have a Kit Kat” when the snack lands in the country…

Nestle Kit Kat Bar

Nestlé’s popular chocolate brand Kit Kat looks set to arrive in Brazil.

Nestle Kit Kat BarBrazilians will have the opportunity to “Have a Break” and “Have a Kit Kat” when the original milk chocolate with crunchy wafer confectionery snack lands in the country on July 1.

Imported from Europe, the four-fingered Kit Kat bars – sold for BRL 2.50 each – will be available at Walmart and Sam’s Club supermarket stores throughout Brazil, and also via the retail channel in the south of the country.

Announced in Brazil last week, the launch generated a buzz on social media channel Twitter, becoming the top ‘trending topic’ spot in less than one hour, and creating over 1.2 billion hits in 24 hours.

The launch in Brazil marks Kit Kat’s further expansion worldwide, adding to the 72 countries globally where the brand is sold.

The iconic brand Kit Kat – which celebrated its 75th anniversary last year – was first launched in 1935, when the first four-fingered wafer was launched as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp in London and the South East of the United Kingdom. Within 18 months, it was rebranded by Rowntree’s marketing director George Harris, as Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp, and here Kit Kat was born.

The Kit Kat brand also celebrated another addition to its vast range on the other side of the world, in Australia.

The Kit Kat Chunky 3 bar – which offers three different taste sensations in one bar – was launched last month. It features the brand’s signature crisp wafer topped with three breakable chunks containing the delicious textures of fudge, crisp and sauce.

As part of Nestlé’s global CHF 110 million Cocoa Plan, the Kit Kat Chunky 3 bars will be manufactured using UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa. This UTZ Code of Conduct sets stringent requirements for the farmers when it comes to the sustainable growing of coffee, cocoa and tea.

Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan – launched in 2009 – aims to create a sustainable supply chain for the cocoa industry as well as improving the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities.

Nestlé in Brazil

Nestlé Brazil – which employs more than 20,000 employees – installed its first factory in 1921 in the São Paulo state city of Araras to produce condensed milk Milkmaid. This was to be known later by millions of consumers under the Brazilian translation as “Leite Moça.”

Well-established in the South American country for over 90 years, Nestlé Brazil currently offers hundreds of renowned brands including Ninho, Maggi and Nescafé.

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