Lucozade launches new Lucozade Zero range

Posted: 29 March 2016 | | 4 comments

The new drink, which taps into the nation’s changing health agenda, will be available in Orange and Pink Lemonade from 2nd May 2016…

Lucozade is launching Lucozade Zero, a new low calorie drink that offers consumers a healthier choice.


The new drink will be available in Orange and Pink Lemonade – two of Lucozade’s most popular flavours – from 2nd May 2016.

The company says Lucozade Zero offers consumers a refreshing and great tasting low calorie drink for the moments they need it most.

Driven by the nation’s changing health agenda, more than half of the soft drinks market (57%) is now low calorie or calorie-free. The launch of Lucozade Zero will be backed by a massive marketing campaign. Lucozade is investing in a disruptive £5 million media campaign to support what is set to be its biggest product launch this year.  In addition to the consumer media campaign designed to build awareness and drive footfall in store, there will be retail support across independents and grocery including point of sale material and eye-catching display units.

Commenting on the launch, Lucozade Energy Senior Brand Manager, Charlotte Flook said: “We are really excited to be launching this innovative new drink. Lucozade Zero offers people the chance to enjoy two of their favourite flavours with lower calories. This new launch is another way that Lucozade Ribena Suntory is delivering on its ambition to reduce calories across its portfolio by 20%.”

Lucozade Zero will be available in 380ml PMP and non PMP bottles across wholesale and independents, and 500ml bottles within grocery and convenience, in addition to a 380ml multipack and 1 litre format.

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4 responses to “Lucozade launches new Lucozade Zero range”

  1. Graham Bartram says:

    The name says “zero”, the packagings says “zero calories”, but it contains 5% orange juice, and so contains calories, 20kcal according to the small print on the packaging. So in what way is this zero calories? 20 is a lot more than zero. Surely this should be labelled as “low calories”, or even “very low calories”, but not “zero calories”?

  2. Ken Hoyes says:

    Are these suitable for diabetics ?

    • Dom says:

      I have been working on this campaign instore the products are suitable for diabetics but please take into account the product is 10 – 20 calories per bottle depending on which flavour you go for.

    • Liz says:

      I am diabetic and drink Lucozade zero, the number of calories or carbs is not significant enough to interfere with my blood sugars. It is lovely being able to drink the original flavour without affecting my diabetes. I love the flavour and it tastes to me no different from the original glucose filled variety.

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