918 Coffee Co’s Coffe-Eco System attracts international recognition

Posted: 18 November 2015 | Victoria White | No comments yet

The Coffe-Eco System roasts coffee beans using the organic waste left over from the roasting and brewing process…

918 Coffee Co has been announced as a runner up in the World Beverage Innovation Awards with its ground-breaking Coffe-Eco System.


The business was a Finalist in the Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative.

918 Coffee has said it was delighted to have reached the finals of these world-wide awards. Co-founder of 918 Coffee, Chanel Cornelius, commented, “We are delighted to have been a finalist in the international beverage industry’s leading awards scheme so soon after launching our Coffe-Eco System and it is brilliant to have gained world-wide recognition of our product.”

The innovative, ground-breaking process Coffe-Eco System from 918 Coffee roasts coffee beans using the organic waste left over from the roasting and brewing process and really caught the attention of the judges. Launched in September, 918 Coffee Co developed, designed and patented its pioneering technology and process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates a zero waste, carbon neutral roasting process resulting in a much reduced carbon footprint for the coffee. This means coffee lovers can enjoy their favourite beverage safe in the knowledge that the coffee waste produced to make their drink is being used in a positive way to fuel an energy efficient green coffee roasting plant.

Carbon footprint of coffee is 59.12g CO2e per cup

According to the International Coffee Organisation more than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year around the globe and 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste ends up in landfill each year. In terms of carbon footprint throughout the whole coffee value chain from bean to cup, the full carbon footprint including these various different processes reaches 59.12g CO2e per cup of coffee. The largest problem occurs once coffee is ground and used and discarded into bins for landfill. The breaking down of the organic waste produces harmful nitrates and methane, ultimately creating large amounts of carbon contributing to the carbon footprint of coffee consumption.


Co-founder of 918 Coffee, Justin Cornelius, explains, “I couldn’t help notice that while measures are in place to make the industry more sustainable, protecting habitats and workers’ livelihoods through Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance, very little was being done after coffee consumption.”

Chanel Cornelius, who is also co-founder of the company, says “Being as passionate about our coffee as we are about the planet is why we have spent so long developing and testing our new Eco Roast technology and the whole Coffe-Eco System. It will dramatically reduce the amount of coffee grounds and disposables being deposited into landfill and instead can be used in a positive way to fuel an energy efficient green coffee roasting plant.”

Coffe-Eco system reuses coffee waste to roast new batches

The Coffe-Eco System provides roasters, suppliers, retailers and consumers with an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution to reducing waste as well as carbon emissions. The process starts with eco roasting the fresh coffee, packing into eco-friendly bio-degradable & compostable packaging & labelling and delivering to the customer. To keep the carbon impact neutral, collection and delivery of the used and new products are done together.

Once the customer has consumed the coffee they use the special environmentally friendly bags and collection bins provided to store the coffee waste ready for collection. Once collected the coffee waste is processed using secondary heat from the Eco Roast process and the coffee fuel is then used to roast new batches of coffee in the new Eco Roaster. The Coffe-Eco System also uses 100% compostable cups and lids for its coffee.

Justin Cornelius says, ” Our Eco Roast Technology will make substantial reductions in the roasting, packaging and disposal parts of the process. Whether you are an individual who enjoys delicious coffee, a coffee shop or a blue chip corporation, both you and the planet will benefit from using our trademarked Coffe-Eco System.”