What does the industry need from innovation, science and technology?

Posted: 7 January 2015 | Campden BRI | 1 comment

A new statement of what industry needs from science and technology has been published by Campden BRI…

A new statement of what industry needs from science and technology has been published by Campden BRI. The document was compiled following an extensive consultation of Campden BRI’s industrial members – some 2,400 companies across 75 countries.

The ‘needs’ document will be used to actively encourage providers of research and other scientific, technical and knowledge services to help meet the needs of the food, drink and allied industries. It will also provide a valuable resource for government departments, agencies, funding bodies and standards organisations, that all engage with industry.

Amongst the many needs identified, assuring product safety is seen as an imperative – through the availability of both assurance and analytical tools to deliver safe products of the appropriate quality and enhanced value. There was also significant emphasis on ‘consumer care’. This ranged from reformulation of products and provision of guidance to encourage a healthy diet, through to supply chain integrity and protecting consumers from ‘food fraud’.

Significant concern was raised about an emerging ‘skills shortage’ in the industry. In particular, the need to encourage young people and new graduates into the sector was seen as essential for maintaining a competitive industry that can rise to the challenges of providing a sustainable supply of safe, nutritious products.

Steven Walker, Director General of Campden BRI commented “We were delighted that so many companies took the opportunity to share their thoughts with us, in what is the biggest consultation of its type on industry’s ‘innovation needs’ – involving some 29 discussion sessions, hundreds of face-to-face contributions, and dozens of written submissions. The exercise involved the whole supply chain – from primary production through to retail and food service – as well as those supplying into this chain, such as equipment and packaging companies.

Although this is the seventh time we have undertaken this ‘three-year refresh’, since the first in 1996, the findings will help us enormously in shaping our business plans to provide industry with what it needs – through our services, pre-competitive research, tailored technical support and knowledge management activities. It will also help us to encourage others to do likewise.”

To download a copy of ‘Innovation for the food and drink supply chain’ send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line: send innovation 2015

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