Campden BRI to provide UK scientific analysis to HM Revenues and Customs

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Campden BRI has been appointed to scientifically analyse imported goods by HM Revenue and Customs as part of a three-year contract…

Campden BRI has been appointed to scientifically analyse imported goods by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as part of a three-year contract. Campden BRI will carry out analysis of goods imported into the UK from outside the EU and draw on their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide specialist consultation services to HMRC. This extends Campden BRI’s status as UK scientific analysts for HMRC, which it has held for the past 11 years.

Campden BRI will analyse both food and non-food products using a broad range of expertise and specialist equipment to detect nuances in the make up of a product. Some of the questions Campden BRI will be asked to investigate include: Is this lamb fat or lamb meat? Is this rice really brown rice? Has this food product labelled fresh been frozen? Is this wheat really Durum? The answers affect how a product is classified, which is crucial for the HMRC so it can apply the correct tax or duty. The work of Campden BRI will have significant financial implications and could ultimately lead to unsafe products being withdrawn and destroyed.

Some of the common items sent for analysis include tea, wood, tropical fruits, cakes and vodka, but Campden BRI has extensive facilities suitable for analysing a diverse range of products. More unusual items received previously include wetsuits and medical devices.

Campden BRI can also be called as an expert witness for HMRC during court proceedings, and using their detailed understanding of import requirements provide input and guidance on proposals to alter tax tariffs. Julian South, Head of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Campden BRI said:

“We are honoured to have been appointed UK scientific analysts by HMRC, a status which we have now held continuously for 11 years. This reflects both our investment in state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure our laboratories remain at the cutting edge and our commitment to continually
developing and extending the expertise of our analysts and other scientists.”

Campden BRI provides technical, legislative and scientific support and research to the food and drinks industry worldwide – with a comprehensive “farm to fork” range of services covering agri-food production, analysis and testing, processing and manufacturing, safety, training and technical information services. Members and clients benefit from industry-leading facilities for analysis, product and process development, and sensory and consumer studies, which include a specialist brewing and wine division.

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