FSA funding for first-time UKFSS users

Posted: 15 October 2013 | Food Standards Agency (FSA) | No comments yet

UKFSS enables more effective collection and communication of food and feed sampling data…

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The FSA is committed to the widespread use of the UK Food Surveillance System (UKFSS) database. To support its rollout to new users, we are now providing funding and support to local authorities to adopt UKFSS.


UKFSS enables more effective collection and communication of food and feed sampling data, by gathering local data collected by each local authority into a UK-wide dataset. The system is used to identify local, regional and national trends, and areas of non-compliance that can develop sampling plans.

How UKFSS could benefit you:

Improved public health protection through easy access to shared sampling data trends.

Added value to local authority sampling investment, avoiding expensive duplications.

Centralised storage of standardised UK-wide sampling data.

Local authority access to national sampling data to inform their local sampling plans.

National level co-ordination of specific food or feed sampling issues, such as meat authenticity, food incidents, and foodborne illness outbreak sampling.

Rapid electronic transfer of sample information from local authorities to laboratories, and vice versa, regarding food or feed sample results.

Centralised updates to bring the system in line with changes to legislation.

Local authority access to various FSA grant funding programmes for food or feed sampling.

The ability for local authorities to use UKFSS as part of their Local Environment Audit & Management System (LAEMS) returns, if using at the start of the reporting year.

There are plans in place to link to the EU sampling database.

Could you be a UKFSS super-user?

The FSA wants to recruit new-users and super-users. If you are keen to come on board as a UKFSS ‘new–user’ or are an existing user who can act as a source of expertise to support new local authorities coming on-board, then why not think about applying for FSA funding. The funding will be provided for training or other support activities.

How to apply

For more information on the FSA funding available, and how to apply, please email: [email protected]

All local authorities receiving ‘new-user’ funding are expected to be using UKFSS routinely by 31 March 2014. The funding allocation will be along the same lines as that carried out in 2012


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