Integrated food supply chain to get integrated support

Posted: 15 May 2013 | Campden BRI | No comments yet

“The days when agriculture and food processing are seen as separate activities are fast disappearing…”

With ever-closer integration of farming and food manufacturing, world renowned science-based organisations Campden BRI and CABI have developed a strategic alliance to provide technical support from ‘seed to shelf’. The alliance will benefit small, medium and larger companies as well as initiatives from government and NGOs aimed at supporting food production.

The food supply chain faces enormous challenges in meeting the needs of a growing and more affluent population – all within the constraints imposed by sustainable production of safe and wholesome food. Science, technology, knowledge and their practical application will be absolutely crucial in meeting these challenges.

The alliance between CABI and Campden BRI will combine the power of over 600 experts in key areas such as sustainable agronomy, post-harvest technology, food processing and preservation, packaging, and hygiene and safety assurance. It will also draw on their extensive and long-established skills in information, publishing, knowledge management and training to ensure that the latest research and innovation is identified and practically applied.

Prof. Steven Walker, Director General of Campden BRI commented: “The days when agriculture and food processing are seen as separate activities are fast disappearing. If we are to meet the challenges of tomorrow, we need to take an integrated approach to the supply chain. Combining our facilities, skills and expertise in processing technology, preservation, packaging and safety assurance with CABI’s in areas such as agronomy, biodiversity, and food security, makes us ideal partners to support the integrated food supply chain.”

Dr Trevor Nicholls, Chief Executive Officer of CABI, added: “CABI’s involvement with industrial and governmental organisations, focussing on improving the incomes of smallholders in developed and emerging markets, allied to Campden BRI’s close linkages to the food industry – from small producers through to global corporates – means that together we have unrivalled coverage of the complete supply chain and the ability to deliver the knowledge, experience and partnerships that will provide practical solutions to challenging problems”.

The collaboration will be rolled out from late 2013 through specific initiatives and support packages.

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