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The Food Standards Agency is joining up with the Technology Strategy Board to co-fund innovative research on food safety…

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The Food Standards Agency is joining up with the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to co-fund innovative research on food safety through the TSB’s competition Nutrition for Life – Providing Safe and Healthy Food.

The competition will fund collaborative research and development projects and smaller feasibility studies, aimed at providing safe and healthy foods. The Agency will consider co-funding successful, innovative projects in the research call, if they fall within our strategic priorities.

Agency focus

Of particular interest to the Agency are the following areas, as set out in the ‘food safety, authenticity and traceability’ section of the scope of requirements:

  • identification of the presence or levels of pathogens, contaminants or allergens
  • implementing processing methods throughout the food chain to improve quality assurance, so reducing adverse effects or health risks to the consumer
  • enabling quick and reliable determination of products or ingredients, country of origin, method of production, or the presence of adulterants or substituted or undeclared ingredients
  • enabling efficient and robust tracking and monitoring of food, feed, food-producing animals or substances intended for consumption

The FSA has earmarked £0.5 million from its Strategic Challenge Programme for co-funding this call. However, more funds could be made available if a large number of good quality projects of interest are received.

How to apply

To apply for this competition you must register with TSB. Registration opens on 20 May, with the formal launch of the call on 21 May.

For details of how to register for the launch event in person or by webinar, and more information on the call, please see the TSB website via the link on the right.

You can also read the briefing document attached below and get further details on the call scope and application process from TSB on its competition helpline: 0300 321 4357, or email: [email protected]

The Bioscience KTN site, via the link on the right, also contains more information.

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