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Issue 1 2011



New EHEDG Subgroup on Conveyor Systems

3 March 2011 | By Jon J. Kold, Regional Chairman EHEDG Denmark and Chairman of the EHEDG, Subgroup Conveyor Systems

A new guideline for the hygienic design of conveyor systems will be based on solid Danish and European experiences with hygienic design of conveyor systems to be used in the food industry. In January 2011, the newest EHEDG Subgroup Conveyor Systems became active at a large kick-off seminar, which took…


Controlling Microorganisms: Problems at the food safety / risk manager interface

3 March 2011 | By Olivier Cerf, Professor Emertius, Alfort Veterinary School

The present approach to food safety relies upon implementation of good hygiene practices and the application of HACCP principles against hazards in food. In use for some time almost everywhere around the world, these principles are mandatory in many countries and familiar to the European food industry. Now, a new…


Food Grade Lubricants: Invest now, save in the future

3 March 2011 | By Jessica Evans, NSF Nonfood Compounds, Registration Manager, NSF

On 4 January 2011, United States President Barack Obama and Congress passed the Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernisation Act into law. This measure reflects a significant change in the United States food safety laws. This legislation mandates preventive measures by growers, processors and distributors, providing for increased inspections…


Monitoring the shelf life of minced beef meat using NIR and MIR spectroscopy

3 March 2011 | By Nicoletta Sinelli and Ernestina Casiraghi, DiSTAM, Department of Food Science and Technology, Università degli Studi di Milano

The meat processing industry has shown an increasing demand for fast and reliable methods to determine product quality characteristics during the last few decades. Traditional quality analyses based on chemistry and microbiology have several drawbacks, the most significant of which are low speed, use of chemical products, high manual dexterity,…


PCR technologies for the detection of pathogens in the food industry

3 March 2011 | By Geraldine Duffy, Head of Food Safety Department, Teagasc Food Research Centre

Food safety is critically important to the public health of the consumer and the economic sustainability of the agri-food sector. The consumer wants assurance that food is safe and for the food industry the economic implications and loss of goodwill associated with a food poisoning incident or scare has increased…


Microstructure characterisation of processed fruits and vegetables by complementary imaging techniques

3 March 2011 | By Adrian Voda, Jaap Nijsse & Gerard van Dalen, Unilever Research & Development and Henk Van As, Wagningen University and John van Duynhoven, Unilever Research & Development & Wagningen University

The assessment of the microstructural impact of processing on fruits and vegetables is a prerequisite for understanding the relation between processing and textural quality. By combining complementary imaging techniques, one can obtain a multi scale and real-time structural view on the impact of processing on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and…


Specific migration of plasticisers coming from closure gaskets: The LC-MS direction

3 March 2011 | By Michele Suman, Food Chemistry and Safety Research Manager, Barilla Food Research Labs

PVC gaskets seals are used for packaging many food commodities (e.g. sauces, vegetables in oil, baby food) in glass jars with metal twist closures, preventing microbiological contamination and providing an easy opening at the same time. The plastisols consist of poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) usually containing 25 – 45 per cent…