Dairy Processing supplement 2015

Posted: 9 December 2015 | New Food | 1 comment

Articles in this dairy processing supplement: SUSMILK; Re-design of the dairy industry for sustainable milk processing, Native whey proteins – production and application, Sterility testing of UHT milk

Dairy Processing supplement 2015

This Dairy Processing supplement is supported by NDC Technologies, Anderol, Perten Instruments and MCH:

  • SUSMILK; Re-design of the dairy industry for sustainable milk processing
    Dr. Christoph Glasner, Senior scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT
    Industrial food production is necessary to serve human needs. In Europe, the dairy industry accounts for 13% turnover in the entire food and beverage industry. In order to guarantee a persistent competitive dairy industry in the future it is necessary that this industry foster resource efficient food processing. Therefore, a redesign of dairies needs to be initiated in order to save water and energy, and to implement an increasing use of renewable energy resources. In principle, technologies for energy and water saving are available, but they lack adaptions and developments to meet the requirements in a dairy. So far dairies have been built under the constraint of using fossil fuels. Thus, the implementation of innovative technologies is now a key to save CO2-emissions for the next decades. The system change is overdue and can only be accomplished by novel suitable technologies. The aim of SUSMILK is to deliver a toolbox of such suitable technologies and concepts. The single aspects of SUSMILK will be explained in more detail within this article.
  • Native whey proteins – production and application
    Camilla Elise Jørgensen, PhD Candidate, TINE SA / Tom Hoffmann, Food Safety Consultant, TJH Consulting, LCC
    Native whey proteins are functional and nutritionally valuable proteins that can be extracted from milk using microfiltration. With an optimised microfiltration process, purer fractions of caseins and native whey proteins can be obtained. The casein fraction can be used in cheese manufacturing and the native whey protein fraction can be used as an end product, or as an ingredient in beverages or fermented dairy products. Native whey proteins may for instance be added to yoghurt milk base in order to increase smoothness of high protein yoghurt.
  • Sterility testing of UHT milk
    Laboratoire de Microbiologie d’Actalia Cecalait
    The resazurin test is routinely used to verify UHT milk sterility in many industrial laboratories. After pre-incubation of milk for two to five days at 30°C, this test reveals the bacterial reductase activity. The official method (European Directive 92/46) is a total plate count following sample incubation for 15 days at 30°C, which therefore cannot routinely be used. The Soleris method, could allow quicker release of negative batches. In this study, we evaluated the Soleris method in parallel with the resazurin test and the official method.

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