Issue #5 2015 – Digital edition

Posted: 28 October 2015 | New Food | 4 comments

In this issue: Listeria in ready-to-eat-foods, acrylamide in food, ingredients supplement, a comparison of ATP devices, aquaponic technology, brewing supplement, fat functionality in emulsified foods, traceability audits, developments in mycotoxin analysis, hygienic design of pumps, and much more…


In the digital version of Issue #5 2015:

  • FOOD SAFETY: Listeria in ready-to-eat-foods
    James Marsden, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Food Safety and Security, Kansas State University
  • INTERVIEW: Hygienic drain design, sanitisers and drain management
    Brett Ira, Key Account Manager, ACO Group
  • ACRYLAMIDE: Potential health risks related to the presence of acrylamide in food: the EFSA’s risk assessment
    Diane Benford, Head of Risk Assessment at the UK Food Standards Agency, Peter Fürst, Director of the Chemical and Veterinary Analytical Institute in Münster and Luisa Ramos Bordajandi, Scientific Officer, Unit on Biological Hazards and Contaminants, EFSA
    With articles from Aaron Fanning, Research Scientist at Fonterra, on a new way of designing high protein products with microparticulated whey proteins; and an insight into innovations in healthy fibres, by Jurriaan Mes, Wageningen UR –Food & Biobased Research, and Svein H. Knutsen, NOFIMA
    Assessing sanitation: A comparison performance testing of ATP devices
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Improved aquaponic technology for efficient and sustainable food production
    Sophia Minero, Consultant, AliénorEU
    Jim Bungard, Daniel Taylor and Suzie Creighton introduce us to Hanlons Brewery, a small craft brewery with a big future, and Brian Humphreys from Food Safety Assist unveils a new quality standard for the brewing industry
  • EMULSIFICATION: Fat functionality in emulsified foods
    Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant
  • TRACEABILITY: What systems you need and what to expect from a traceability audit
    Michael Govro, Technical/QA Manager, NSF International
  • MYCOTOXINS: Recent developments in mycotoxin analysis
    Michelangelo Pascale, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA), National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
  • EHEDG PUMPS: Hygienic design of pumps
    Ulli Zimmer, Head of Sales, Business Line Hygienic Pump Technology, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

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