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Cadbury to drop Fairtrade and go Cocoa Life

Industry news  •  1 December 2016  •  New Food

Cadbury and Fairtrade have announced a ground-breaking commitment to help more cocoa farmers, their families and their communities, by extending its farmer-focused Cocoa Life programme to Cadbury products globally. Starting in the UK & Ireland in May 2017, with a phased roll-out, Cocoa Life – an industry leading sustainable cocoa farming programme – will be […]

Lindt & Sprüngli open new $60 million facility in Australia

Industry news  •  11 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

As well as expanding its operations, the new facility allows Lindt to capitalise on the company’s strong growth in the Australian market…

Construction of Mondelēz International’s new R&D site begins

Industry news  •  10 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The state-of- the-art research and development facility, situated in Bielany Wroclawskie, is expected to open in the first quarter 2017…

Using ultrasound to check the crystallisation of chocolate

Industry news  •  6 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to detect differences in the crystallisation of cocoa butter with ultrasonic waves…

Strong 2015 financial year results for Lindt & Sprüngli Group

Industry news  •  8 March 2016  •  Victoria White

The Lindt & Sprüngli Group achieved consolidated sales of CHF 3.65 billion, which equates to an increase of 13.5% in local currencies and 7.9% in Swiss francs…

Choc37.9 – chocolate that doesn’t melt in your hands!

Industry news  •  1 February 2016  •  Victoria White

Barry Callebaut says the Choc37.9 is a solution for the increased demand for chocolate and compound products in warmer climates…

Sandvik SGL unveils multi-layer chocolate forming line at ProSweets

Industry news  •  1 February 2016  •  Victoria White

The SGL MCC 1500 is a multi-layer chocolate chips/drops moulding line offering up to three times the capacity of other systems of the same length…

AAK launches chocolate bloom solution Tropicao

Industry news  •  7 September 2015  •  Victoria White

Tropicao allows chocolate manufacturers to produce bloom-stable chocolate and still maintain the chocolate’s sensorial properties…

Mondelēz opens state-of-the-art chocolate production line in Poland

Industry news  •  3 September 2015  •  Victoria White

Mondelēz International has opened a $30 million chocolate production line in Poland to capitalise on growing demand in its European confectionery business…

Beer and bread yeast makes great chocolate

Industry news  •  29 July 2015  •  Victoria White

Researchers have discovered that the same species of yeast used in production of beer, bread, and wine works particularly well in chocolate fermentation…

Mars continues US growth with $100m investment in chocolate factory

Industry news  •  21 July 2015  •  Victoria White

Mars has announced that it will invest an additional $100 million in its Topeka chocolate factory, creating a new state-of-the-art facility at the site…

Barry Callebaut opens Chocolate Academy in Tokyo

Industry news  •  18 June 2015  •  Victoria White

Barry Callebaut has opened its first Chocolate Academy centre in Tokyo, Japan. This is the fourth of these training facilities to be opened in Asia Pacific…

New research could help chocolatiers prevent fat bloom from forming on their chocolates

Industry news  •  6 May 2015  •  Victoria White

The whitish coating, or fat bloom, that appears on chocolate could soon be a thing of the past as scientists discover more about how it is formed…

Chocolate Processing supplement 2014

Issue 6 2014, Supplements  •  6 January 2015  •  Wolfgang Danzl, Dr Gottfried Ziegleder and Wael Haffar

In this Chocolate Processing supplement we take a look at Chocolate conching and the caramel taste of milk chocolates, plus the use of aeration to create smooth, light chocolate…

Chocolate mass – an overview on current and alternative processing technologies

Issue 5 2014  •  27 October 2014  •  Siegfried Bolenz Professor of Food Technology, Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences

A lot of time has passed since the first refiner conches were built to make chocolate. At that stage all necessary processing steps were done in the same machine, which sometimes took a week to get the final product. This paper is not intended to summarise all the technical developments since then as such information is available in textbooks. Instead it aims to briefly introduce the different systems for chocolate mass production offered by various companies in order to give readers an overview on what is currently available on the market…

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