DDW acquires KleurCraft’s colouring foods portfolio

26 November 2015  •  Author(s): Victoria White

DDW, The Colour House has announced that it has acquired the KleurCraft portfolio of colouring foods, custom formulations and related technology from SVZ International B.V.

colouring foods

The accord enables DDW – a global manufacturer of natural colours, caramel colours and burnt sugars – to expand in the thriving ingredient segment of colouring foods. The acquisition also strengthens DDW’s solutions across multiple hues for customers.

Colouring foods are produced from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants without the use of selective extraction and have no E-number requirement in the European Union. Naturally sourced ingredients are increasingly essential in the global food and beverage industry, as the health and wellness trend continues. Colouring foods enable food manufacturers to colour their products with natural food, helping them set their product innovations apart and build competitive advantage in a crowded market. A sourcing agreement will align SVZ’s expertise in agronomy, fruit & vegetable cultivation, and juice processing with DDW’s colour proficiency, applications competence, and sales channels.

Colouring foods acquisition complements DDW’s recently opened natural colour manufacturing facility

Commenting on the acquisition of the portfolio, Ted Nixon, chairman and CEO of DDW Inc, said, “The addition builds on DDW’s global supply capability and broadens the range of both simple and custom colour solutions for customers.”

The acquisition complements DDW’s recently opened natural colour manufacturing site in Cork, Ireland.

“Opening a natural colour manufacturing site in Ireland back in April also speaks to continued momentum as we celebrate our company’s 150-year anniversary,” said Nixon.

The Cork facility is focused on the manufacturing of water and oil soluble natural colours.

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