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DRIED PASTA: A global food

15 December 2010 | By Maria Ambrogina Pagani, Professor of Cereal Technology, University of Milan

Pasta, the Italian food par excellence, is one of the most interesting products obtained from wheat. Dried pasta has a long shelf-life before being cooked, thanks to its low water content and highly compact texture. Its macromolecules have exceptional hydrating capacities which enable it to increase its weight two-fold and…


Monitoring the shelf life of dairy products

6 November 2006 | By Nicoletta Sinelli, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Milano

The evaluation of shelf life of perishable foods is a key aspect of modern production and distribution. Food ‘freshness’ is one of the most required attributes by consumers and is strongly influenced by storage conditions – temperature abuse being one of the main factors affecting the shelf life (Labuza, 1982;…