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Tecan Schweiz AG



In a nutshell: An interview with Rohit Shroff, Application Specialist, Tecan Schweiz AG

2 January 2014 | By Rohit Shroff, Application Specialist, Tecan Schweiz AG

Tecan is a global provider of instruments and solutions for laboratory automation in various markets with a broad portfolio for the food testing industry. Founded in 1980 in Switzerland, Tecan now has over 1,100 employees and owns production, research and development sites in both Europe and North America; maintaining a…


Automation supplement 2013

4 November 2013 | By W. Jeffrey Hurst, Arthur A. Teixeira

Laboratory automation in food analysis (Author: W. Jeffrey Hurst, Hershey Company) Automation in the food canning industry (Author: Arthur A. Teixeira, University of Florida)


In a nutshell: Beatrice Marg-Haufe, Tecan

5 September 2012 | By Helen Bahia, Editor, New Food

Beatrice Marg-Haufe, Market Manager Veterinary & Food at Tecan, discusses the advantages of liquid handling automation and the importance of correct sample preparation.