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Cadbury Trebor Bassett



Chocolate cooling and demoulding

23 May 2006 | By Dave Cruickshank, Chocolate Development Manager, Cadbury Trebor Bassett

Tempering and cooling are best regarded as two parts of the same process: the solidification of chocolate.There are interactions between the two processes and they both need to be carried out correctly in order to ensure an efficient process and create a high quality product.This article examines these processes and…


Microbiological standards in cocoa bean processing

31 January 2005 | By Andrew Snelson, Site Microbiologist, Cadbury Trebor Bassett

In a food processing environment, microbiology is an essential focus to ensure the safety of the end food product. In this article Andrew Snelson explains the processes that ensure microbiological safety during cocoa bean processing. Cocoa butter and cocoa liquor are extracted from the seed of the Theobroma cocoa tree.…