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All four Haas brands exhibited at IBA 2012, Munich September 16-21…


Held in Munich September 16th to 21st, iba was ranked to be really busy and successful for FRANZ HAAS WAFER, FRANZ HAAS CONVENIENCE FOOD, HAAS-MEINCKE and HAASMONDOMIX. Since March 2012 the Haas brands are positioned as individual companies and brands, each bringing best solutions for their specialized business.

FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH is the world market leader in the wafer industry producing wafer equipment for flat wafer bars, hollow wafers and hollow wafer sticks. CFT Haas Convenience Food Equipment GmbH implements wafer know-how innovatively. Based on this, the company manufactures plants for rolled and molded ice cream cones, molded cones & cups, special wafer products, Belgian waffles, pancakes and wafer rolls. Haas-Meincke A/S is focused on equipment for biscuit products and designs and manufactures lines for crackers, cocktail crackers, lye and semi-sweet products, all kinds of soft dough biscuits like molded or wire-cut products and cake products. Additionally the company offers machines for biscuit sandwiching. Haas-Mondomix B.V. specializes in mixing, aeration and depositing equipment for baking, confectionery, dairy and non-food products.

“All together the four brands form a strong alliance under the roof of Haas Food Equipment GmbH. Each brand brings its own strength in terms of products and equipment into the affiliated group”, states Thomas Breg, Head of Marketing HAAS Group, “Combining them, means combining also their strengths on the market and leads into a fascinating variety of new product solutions and possibilities.”

On this years’ iba, all in all sixteen machines were on display. So visitors had a lot to discover and experience. The facts speak for themselves as within 6 days over 70,000 bakers, confectioners, caterers and decision makers from the food retail sector from 177 countries took the opportunity to visit iba to find out about latest developments and market trends. With 1,255 exhibitors from 58 countries located in 12 halls, iba sets important standards for the industry and is therefore also a leading exhibition for Haas to be present.

Four brands and sixteen catching themes on more than 500 m²

One of the classical themes was hollow wafer production equipment at FRANZ HAAS WAFER. A wafer baking oven with 20 hollow wafer baking plates was on display. HAAS found a vivid way of demonstrating the flat wafer baking process to visitors: The manual baking tong for laboratories or catering trade, named HZ-WA TURTLE was in operation at the booth – tasting included.

FRANZ HAAS CONVENIENCE FOOD presented various baking plates and modules of the ovens SOW, MTA-V, CAIMAN and CAIMAN-D. In the field of waffles, convenience food and cone products, this manifold portfolio of exhibited waffle and cone baking equipment showed different creative approaches and possibilities for customers. Ideas and inspirations included.

HAAS-MEINCKE presented their latest sandwiching production line SWM 2V with 2 depositing heads as well as the V60 for depositing, extruding and wire-cutting, which allows the handling of many different batters and doughs, chocolate fillings and low fat extruded applications. The convection oven module with indirect heating, recommended for biscuits, cookies, pizzas and pies closed the full look around. Innovation and varieties included.

With the planetary mixer PELICAN, HAAS-MONDOMIX showed their latest mixing equipment for the first time on a European trade show. Suitable for a wide variety of aerated and non-aerated batters, dough and creams, it comes with new features like wider tilting angle and integrated switch cabinet for smaller footprint. The highly efficient and flexible mixer was designed for industrial baking. Finally, the latest aeration equipment – a fat cream production line for innovative and creative products – was brought by HAAS-MONDOMIX.

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