Sandvik QuickCleaner – High pressure belt cleaning

Posted: 18 October 2012 | Sandvik Surface Solutions | 1 comment

The Sandvik QuickCleaner is an innovative new cleaning system with a range of applications across the food industry.

Sandvik QuickCleaner

The Sandvik QuickCleaner is an innovative new cleaning system with a range of applications across the food industry.

Sandvik QuickCleanerInitially designed for removing carbon residues and potentially hazardous acrylamide from bake oven belts and wire mesh conveyors, the system can be used on any surface that comes into contact with food.

The process itself is quick, economical and extremely effective: a salt-based cleaning agent is blasted onto the surface at high pressure, cleaning, degreasing and sanitising in one efficient operation. As part of the same process, the salt – together with residues or other contaminating materials – is removed by means of a powerful vacuum.

The system features a cleaning hood that travels across the belt or material to be cleaned; settings can be adjusted to enable an entire belt width can be cleaned in single step. Use of the Sandvik QuickCleaner can reduce cleaning times by as much as 70 per cent.

As the process is clean and self-contained, other areas of a production facility can remain fully operational.

  • Increase productivity
    Just close one line at a time
  • Increase profitability
    Fast cleaning = less downtime
  • Increase quality
    Fewer ‘out of spec’ products
  • Safe working environment
    No aggressive chemicals

Sandvik - before imageBefore

Burnt-on residues can lead to sub-standard products. Traditional cleaning processes are time-consuming and dirty, resulting in costly downtime and lost production.


Sandvik - after imageThe Sandvik QuickCleaner removes all traces of carbon residue or other unwanted materials, leaving a clean surface on which high quality products can be produced.


Efficient, dual action cleaning

This unique process has been developed in association with industry specialists and leading academic institutions. The cleaning agent – a carefully researched and tested combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and calcium phosphate – works through a combination of mechanical and chemical action.

The cleaning crystals are blasted at the steel belt, wire mesh or other surface at high pressure, removing the bulk of the residue without damaging the steel. The chemical action then attacks the organic residues at a molecular level, further enhancing the cleaning process.

  • Mechanical – removes residues
  • Chemical – attacks organic residue

Key system benefits

The use of a natural, safe cleaning agent means the QuickCleaner system is suitable for use on all surfaces that come into contact with food.

The process is completely dry, so there’s no risk of rust, no need for waste water treatment and significantly lower energy consumption than with other cleaning methods.

Sandvik QuickCleaner is also extremely versatile, being suitable for solid or perforated steel belts, wire mesh conveyors, steel plates or any other material that may come into contact with food.

  • Low cost cleaning agent
  • Reduce cleaning times by as much as 70 per cent
  • Safe – no dangerous chemicals
  • No risk of erosion or other damage to the material
  • Removes potentially hazardous acrylamide
  • Ensures optimum quality of end product
  • Suitable for any type of product/material

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