Raw ingredients: the key to top quality products

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From the field to your plate: finding the right raw ingredients is essential to the process of beating, combining and stirring any mixture…

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From the field to your plate: finding the right raw ingredients is essential to the process of beating, combining and stirring any mixture or kneading any dough – it simply does not work without them! Ultimately, they are the basis for premium products and consistent quality. To this end, bakers and confectioners attach great importance to first-grade products when selecting the flour, yeast, raising agents, flavours, fillings and glazes they use. Over a six-day period (16 to 21 September 2012), iba will offer the industry’s most comprehensive overview of raw ingredients. More than 200 well-known millers and manufacturers of baking agents and ingredients, from Germany and further afield, will be on hand at the World Market for Baking to show off their range of ingredients. They simplify production, make products safer or tastier and are ultimately key to the development of new product ideas. This list of manufacturers includes companies such as Backaldrin, Jung Zeelandia, Ireks, Keesko, Martin Braun, Lesaffre, Uniferm, Unifine and Werhahn Mühlen.

“Raw ingredient suppliers are traditionally very well represented at the iba, as the event provides an insight into the changing requirements of consumers. For instance increasing importance is being attached to the raw ingredients and materials required to make baked goods for allergy sufferers, as well as products that can meet the needs of current diet trends such as the demand for low-carb foods. Likewise, this year’s iba will showcase the industry’s response to the growing demand for original grain types that has emerged among bakers. Consumers are increasingly looking to purchase products that break away from the norm and offer some variety. Spelt, emmer wheat and einkorn wheat are genuine alternatives,” explains Peter Becker, President of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks (German Bakers’ Confederation), outlining what industry professionals can expect during their visit. “I’m also very intrigued about the new forms of liquid yeast that will be on show this year. This is an area of great interest to small businesses, which need these products to perfect their dough.” In total, the ingredient specialists are set to fill an area of around 17,000 square metres across the twelve halls of the trade fair. All areas of the baking and confectionary industry will be covered by the 1100 companies in attendance at this year’s iba.

For baking agent specialist backaldrin (Hall B2), the exhibitor with the largest stand space at the iba, preparations are already well underway: “The iba is the highlight of the 2012 baking year. It is unmatched by any other baking trade fair, and no doubt one of the most important and interesting trade fairs in the world,” says owner Peter Augendobler. They are once again set to launch many new products at the event starting on 16 September in Munich.

Everything from grains to glazes – discover the wide variety of ingredients at iba

Millers are at the heart of the varied range of bread and baked goods we enjoy every day. After all, flour is the basic ingredient needed to make bread, rolls and cake. Millers represented at the iba will include Werhahn Mühlen (Hall B 5) and its sister companies Plange, Diamant and Gb Plange. For Manager Michael Schaupp, iba is the perfect marketplace for showing off different types of flour, baking agents, pre-mixtures and pastry products to a worldwide audience. “Werhahn Mühlen are set to have their biggest ever stand at iba this year. This in itself shows how important iba is to us as a marketplace for our German and international customers, both existing and future. We are expecting a high level of interest among eastern and south-eastern European trade visitors.” One of the highlights for professionals at the fully functional demonstration bakery will be the presentation of the company’s new VIVO technology, which makes life simple when it comes to producing authentic Italian baked goods using the traditional Biga sponge method.

Hall B5 will also be the place to go to see fermentation company UNIFERM. With new marketing ideas devised by UNIFERM, as well as new baking agents for different types of bread, biscuits and pastries to discover, bakers and confectioners will find plenty to get excited about. “As the leading national and international trade fair for the baking industry, iba is the perfect platform for UNIFERM to show what it is capable of to as many customers as possible in a short timeframe. Our company’s image as an innovative fermentation and raw ingredient specialist is strengthened by the contacts we make at iba” says Udo Heckelmann, Manager of UNIFERM GmbH & Co. KG.

From fruity fillings to hand-made pralines: When it comes to chocolates, ice cream and pastries, bakers and pastry chefs are increasingly demanding topquality ingredients that have a long shelf-life and are easy to measure out. To be able to offer customers the perfect taste and all-round experience, bakeable, freezable and cuttable fillings, attractive decorations for cakes and desserts, not to mention particular flavourings, are all required.

The Martin Braun Gruppe will be offering a large selection of these products on their stands, which will cover a total area of 700 square metres (Halls A3 and A4). “iba is the most important trade fair for bakers around the world and this year is certain to be more international than ever, but it still remains a highlight in the calendar for German bakers, whatever the size of their business. The Martin Braun Group will be presenting new products and future concepts alongside Braun, Siebrecht/Agrano and Wolf Butterback,” reports Dr Detlev Krüger, spokesperson for the Martin Braun Group Management.

According to Peter Augendobler from backaldrin, another reason why iba is so important is that “we bakers have achieved something that only a small number of the ‘old’ professions have managed: we have converted a traditional craft into modern small and medium-sized businesses that offer products that are in line with market demands. iba is great for giving us new motivation and fresh ideas.”

iba summit covers developments in ingredients markets

Raw ingredients are also set to be a central talking point in the discussions between baking industry professionals at the new iba summit, which will take place a day before the main trade fair opens (15 September 2012). John Dalli, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, is one of the speakers at the event and will be talking about the impact of the agricultural commodity market on the consumer. For more information about the schedule for the oneday summit, please go to, where you will find a detailed programme.