Retsch Grindomix knife mill delivers perfect homogenous results!

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Grindomix can be used for homogenizing substances with a high water, oil or fat content or grinding soft and medium-hard products…

GM300 Food Knife Mill

GM300 Food Knife Mill

What is a Grindomix?

The Retsch Grindomix is a knife mill of superb quality. Food manufacturers and food testing laboratories all over the world trust Retsch instruments in their quality control and R&D processes processing just about every foodstuff on the market.

GM300 Food Knife Mill

GM300 Food Knife Mill

What would I use a Grindomix for?

Sample preparation, in particular for homogenizing substances with a high water, oil or fat content or grinding dry, soft and medium-hard products. Specific foods include cereal bars, cheese, frozen produce, died/fresh fruit, fish and meats, nuts and seeds, vegetables and confectionary.

Why would I contact Retsch about a Grindomix?

Results! The Grindomix meets and exceeds all special laboratory and analytical requirements and is a professional device superior to any commercial household mixer.

How are the results achieved?

With either 2 or 4 sharp, robust blades and a powerful motor perfectly homogenous samples of up to 4.5L are achieved very quickly! All contact parts are fully autoclavable.

For samples with specific characteristics, the Retsch Grindomix has innovative solutions:

  • Liquid/wet samples – The use of a Grindomix gravity lid reduces the mill’s chamber by floating on the surface of the sample.
  • Samples containing volatile components – These can be ground with dry ice to avoid the warming of the sample during grinding. This may produce an even greater degree of homogeneity as the sample is embrittled which improves the breaking properties of the sample.
  • Samples that are permanently thrown upwards – The interval mode allows the sample to settle so that all of the sample is submitted to the grinding process
  • Harder products – A reverse mode allows the back of the blades to submit the sample to preliminary size reduction to preserve the blade’s sharpness. A stainless steel container can be used to minimize wear during long-term use.
  • Repeat samples – For identical samples that are processed regularly, the Grindomix has up to 10 standard operating procedure presets.

What are the benefits of the Retsch Grindomix?

  • Perfect, homogenous samples
  • Reproducible results
  • No cross-contamination
  • Safe and secure operation
  • Flexible for many foodstuffs
  • Long service life

How can I make sure the Retsch Grindomix is correct for my foodstuff?

To obtain perfect results for your foodstuff Retsch UK invite you to their customer demonstration facility in West Yorkshire where a Grindomix and over 20 other instruments are available for trialling your sample. We can advise on the instrument, settings, cleaning procedures and day to day use. If you can’t make it to West Yorkshire, it is possible to send us your sample (where the foodstuff is practical to send).

How can I contact Retsch?

By email, phone (+44 (0)1924 221 074) or through our website.

Visit the Retsch website to see product videos, brochures, case studies and an amazing archive from nearly a century of preparing samples!

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