EHEDG Subgroup ‘Hygienic Design of Meat Processing Equipment’

Posted: 25 April 2012 | EHEDG | No comments yet

The EHEDG has established a subgroup working on the Hygienic Design of Meat Processing Equipment…


Aiming to provide practical know-how on hygienic & engineering design and to create a central, internationally recognized source of excellence, the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) has established a subgroup working on the Hygienic Design of Meat Processing Equipment.

The subgroup will develop a guideline to specify and illustrate both the weak points as well as advanced hygienic design of machinery and equipment used in the meat processing industry. The document will provide guidance by highlighting good and bad design examples as well as by describing installations, operations and maintenance of such equipment according to the state-of-the-art achievements in this field. The scope of the new EHEDG guideline in progress will focus on ‘Meat processing between slaughtering and packaging’.

An active Subgroup participation would offer you sharing the expertise of EHEDG. If you are a manufacturer of meat processing machinery or equipment who can provide such know-how, we like to ask you for your active cooperation with the aim of developing and publishing an EHEDG guideline of practical use for the industry helping to achieve advancement in hygienic design knowledge. Your initiative in contributing to the good work of the group would be highly appreciated.

To share and bundle information, we like to invite you to participate in our next Subgroup meeting for which we are addressing the experts from meat processors, meat equipment manufacturers, relevant institutes and academia. The meeting is scheduled to take place on 28 June 2012 either at VDMA Frankfurt/Germany or at the Regus Skyport Meeting Centre Schiphol, Amsterdam/Netherlands (to be finally confirmed). Volunteers are kindly asked to contact the EHEDG Secretariat (Ms. Susanne Flenner) or the Subgroup Chair Dr. Aleksandra Martinovic Stjepanovic before end of May 2012. Additional meeting information will be provided in due time in advance.

If interested in an active Subgroup participation and not a member yet, we kindly ask you to apply for an EHEDG membership (individual or company) as given under > Membership.