IUFoST partners with Fi Europe to present Lifetime Achievement and Young Scientist Excellence Awards

Posted: 12 December 2011 | IUFoST | No comments yet

Awards Align with IUFoST’s mission and vision…

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The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) presented the 2011 Lifetime Achievement and Young Scientist awards to Walter Spiess and Rajeev Bhat respectively, in conjunction with the Fi Excellence Awards, at the ceremony in Paris recently. These awards in partnership with Fi Europe were given out at the awards ceremony that also included excellence awards for industry innovation in bakery, dairy, beverage, savoury/meat, confectionary and Snacks sectors. Professor Dr. Ing. Dr. h.c. Walter Spiess and Dr. Rajeev Bhat received the IUFoST/Fi Excellence Awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honours an individual for pre-eminence in and contributions to the field of food science and technology over his/her career. The individual will have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge with impact in areas such as the following: food safety; food quality; human nutrition; product, process, package innovation; food security (availability, accessibility, affordability); consumer acceptability; communication of food science and technology, regulations, combinations of above.

Professor Spiess received the Lifetime Achievement Award because he “has proven to be an outstanding leader in food technology research and development, in food science and technology education, and in organizing food professional and institutions. His career research work on food freezing and drying has not only substantially enriched the knowledge database, delivered a series of novel technologies to the industry but also generated remarkable impacts on the national and international food legislations and standards.” Also cited was Walterʼs “dedication to issues around food/nutrient/water security and post harvest losses, carried out with a consistent theme of wisdom, passion and humanity.”

The Young Scientist Award recognizes an individual in the initial phases of her/his career for the potential to make outstanding scientific contributions to the field of food science and technology and the potential for future scientific leadership.

Dr. Rajeev Bhat received the Young Scientist Award because of his “his innovative research ideas, which are on the leading edge. The outcomes of his work could overcome protein energy malnutrition and poverty related issues in the developing regions of the world.” In addition “all his contributions through research on nutritional and anti nutritional components and quality evaluation of seeds of nutraceutical value after irradiation and storage as well as cancer biology and food toxicology studies have benefitted consumers and society. His primary research work is useful for providing evidence of health impacts on humans. His secondary research on food safety is very useful in designing proper HACCP along the food chain.”

IUFoST congratulates Professor Walter Spiess and Dr. Rajeev Bhat on these outstanding achievements.