INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL: innovation as second nature

Posted: 19 May 2011 | INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL | No comments yet

INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL wins the NBT Award in the “Best New Finished Product” category…

By winning the NBT Award in the “Best New Finished Product” category, INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL both shows its capacity to innovate, and its ability to deliver much more than cutting-edge ingredients to its customers: a full global service to help them innovate in turn.

INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL is a division of the dairy ingredients INGREDIA Group which is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of nutritional ingredients and solutions. Since its inception in 2007, it has made innovation its core business. Indeed, INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL has spared no effort to become one of the most creative and proactive companies in the nutraceutical ingredients sector, as HervéGasnier, INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL Director, reports: “Over 10% of our human resources are dedicated to innovation. Our research team is highly qualified and has developed partnerships with academic and private research centers to boost our creativity. And over 1 million € of our annual investments are devoted to scientific research and innovation.”

Refuel&Repair, winner of this year’s “Best New Finished Product” NBT Award, is one of INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL full global service turnkey solutions. This sports recovery ready-to-use beverage is a high protein drink featuring Prodiet 87 B Fluid. Prodiet 87 B Fluid technology provides the opportunity to incorporate higher levels of protein in a drink without increasing its viscosity – up to 30g protein in a 250ml bottle.

Why develop a high protein drink for sports recovery, when most of these products usually focus on carbohydrates content? AurélieVromaine, Jr Product Manager, explains:

“It has been scientifically proven that proteins aid rehydration and promote muscle building within the body. This is why proteins help mid and long-term sports recovery: they counteract the damages that muscles undergo when exercising, which preserves muscles health”.

By featuring efficacy, clean label and great taste at the same time, Refuel&Repair is a breakthrough innovation in sports recovery drinks. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to carry and one does not have to drink it all at once. All these attributes are likely to fulfil many end users expectations, from athletes to “recreational sportsmen”.

INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL initially developed such end products to demonstrate the amazing possible applications of their new ingredients and to be a tangible source of inspiration for other concepts. But they can also be delivered “as is” with a full global service including regulatory compliance and designed packaging.

Sandrine Cuisenier, Marketing Manager, expresses her satisfaction after winning this NBT Award: “We are very happy to have won in the “Best Finished Product” category, as unlike INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL, most other competitors were companies dedicated to the manufacturing of finished products. This comforts us in our strategy to offer our ingredients with a wide spectrum of services, from technological advice to market positioning suggestions. This is key to reduce the time-to-market of customers’ projects, and therefore ensure them to keep a step ahead of competitors.”

Sandrine Cuisenier insists that working with a human-size, multi-skilled and highly motivated team really makes the difference: “Refuel&Repair is the achievement of a whole team.”

This customer-oriented approach and its capacity to innovate make INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL one of the most creative and proactive companies in today’snutraceutical ingredients sector, and a reliable partner for success. By winning this “Best New Finished Product” NBT Award, INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL shows that its “Innovation at your fingertips” current baseline is not just empty words. “Yes, IN did!”