Allied Bakeries expands range of Kingsmill breads

Posted: 24 January 2011 | Lexis Public Relations | No comments yet

Allied Bakeries today announced the introduction of additions to the Kingsmill range, its top ten UK grocery brand…

Allied Bakeries today announced the introduction of additions to the Kingsmill range, its top ten UK grocery brand...

Allied Bakeries, a leading supplier of bread and bakery products and owners of the leading brands Kingsmill, Burgen, Allinson and Sunblest, today announced the introduction of additions to the Kingsmill range, its top ten UK grocery brand. The new products, available throughout the UK, have expanded Kingsmill’s selection of breads and bakery products to a total of twenty – providing a more comprehensive and innovative range for stores to meet customer needs.

The new Kingsmill breads launched to market are primarily targeted at the convenience sector. The new range includes:

  • Kingsmill Danish 400g – a deliciously soft, white bread with a light texture in a 400g loaf. This is the perfect option for consumers with a smaller appetite or for those wanting a lighter eat than standard bread.
  • Kingsmill Doorstep 800g – a white bread with extra thick slices ideal for those who want a really satisfying and filling sandwich.
  • Kingsmill Soft Malted Grain Farmhouse 800g – a soft brown bread with rich malted grain is ideal for consumers wanting a premium loaf with all the taste of added ‘bits’.
  • Kingsmill Soft White Farmhouse 400g – a soft, batch-baked premium white bread ideal for smaller households who want a premium loaf.

Kingsmill has a retail value of over £350 million and sells approximately 8.5 million loaves a week. It has been reporting double-digit growth year on year since 2008 – rising by 12.3% over the past year. The brand’s success is fuelled by the breadth of its range and its continued efforts to innovate to meet the varied needs of today’s consumers.

Guy Shepherd, Category Director, Allied Bakeries said: “Through Alllied Bakeries understanding of consumer trends the new products really tap into the convenience sector offering a comprehensive range of products to meet needs. Allied Bakeries deliver direct to convenience stores on behalf of retailers. This means that on average bread is 12 hours fresher than delivering first to a distribution centre. In a product with a short shelf life this makes a significant difference.”

The first new product development, Kingsmill Danish 400g, is the brand’s first ever Danish-style bead. The soft white bread has a light texture and each slice contains 30% less calories than standard white bread. The product is ideal for smaller households that are increasingly seeking smaller portion packs to reduce waste and help with dieting drives.

The second new product, Kingsmill Doorstep 800g, is our thickest sliced bread. With 2.2 cm deliciously soft slices, Kingsmill Doorstep meets the market demand for extra filling bread, and will be especially popular amongst consumers who want a satisfying sandwich for lunch. It is also great for toast as you can have golden brown surface but keep a soft middle.

The third product is Kingsmill Soft Malted Grain Farmhouse 800g. The new bread is baked with malted wheat flakes for a rich, distinctive taste, and offers a soft texture and artisan look and feel. It is ideal for consumers wanting a premium product that tastes good but also has nutritional benefits. The bread perfectly complements Kingsmill Farmhouse White 800g.

Finally, Allied Bakeries has launched Farmhouse Soft White as a 400g loaf. This offers a smaller slice profile and fewer slices than the 800g version making it ideal for smaller households who want a premium quality loaf. With a more artisan feel the batch-baked Farmhouse format with a round top, central split and flour dusting offers a softer loaf for consumers.