Romer Labs extends Food Safety Solutions with Advanced Food Allergen Testing Products

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Romer Labs® and IFP, announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for IFP’s Food Allergen rapid testing products…

Romer Labs® and IFP – Institute for Product Quality, a leading provider of biotechnology-based products and services for a broad range of life science, biotechnology, diagnostic and food safety applications, today announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for IFP’s Food Allergen rapid testing products. Under the terms of the agreement, Romer Labs® will have exclusive global distribution rights for IFP’s allergen test strip products.

A food allergy is an immune response to a protein present in food that the body mistakenly believes is harmful. The most common foods, showing allergenic potential, are gluten containing cereals, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, nuts, milk, lupines, mustard, sesame, celery, and molluscs. Food allergies affect 1-3% of the adult population and 5-8% of children. Even a minor exposure to a food allergen in the milligram range can cause symptoms from mild skin rashes to a fatal anaphylactic shock in allergic persons.

Food allergens respectively the allergenic foods are either part of the composition or recipe or can come via cross contamination during the production process into finished foods. While in the first case, allergic persons will be warned by the ingredients list, the second situation need to be avoided at production. Testing on-site, at the manufacturing point of food, is a need for hazard prevention and quality control.

AgraStrip® Food Allergen Lateral Flow Device Test Kits are easy to use, accurate, and affordable food allergen detection systems for ingredients, prepared foods, equipment and cleaning procedures. AgraStrip® tests enable rapid on-site testing of food, environmental swabs and wash waters. Visual results can be seen within 11 minutes including extraction. With the sensitive AgraStrip® Allergen Lateral Flow Test Kits easy and fast determination of allergens is possible and ensures safe food and contributes to consumer protection, true to Romer Labs® Mission “Making the World´s Food Safer”.

Dr. Wolfgang Weber, CEO of IFP, said about the cooperation, “As a world leader in diagnostic solutions for the food safety market, Romer Labs® is an excellent partner for IFP and this collaborative distribution agreement will quickly provide benefits to customers as well as to both companies. Romer Labs® will guarantee customers worldwide access to IFP’s advanced portfolio of rapid food allergen detection tests and IFP will have access to a significant new global customer base through Romer’s extensive worldwide sales and marketing organization. In addition, it will enable IFP to focus its resources more on research and analytical service activities.”

According to Elisabeth Halbmayr-Jech, Product Manager of Romer Labs®, “The cooperation between IFP and Romer Labs® will be beneficial for both sides. It will allow Romer Labs® to get one step closer to our vision of becoming the number one provider of diagnostic solutions at all stages of the agricultural, food, and feed industry supply chain by being able to offer a range of well established and received allergen tests, in addition to its range of test systems for mycotoxins, GMO, and veterinary drug residues. On the other hand, it will allow IFP immediate access to a global distribution network in the area of food safety via Romer Labs® subsidiaries and distributors.”

Hannes Binder, CEO of Romer Labs® Division Holding GmbH. in Austria, said, “This agreement once more demonstrates Romer Labs® position as a leading provider of diagnostic solutions in the agriculture, food and feed industries. In addition, Romer’s established kit development and intensive research and development activities make it an attractive cooperation and distribution partner for complimentary products like those from IFP.”

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