Radegast is introducing to the market an unfiltered lager

Posted: 15 September 2010 | SABMiller | No comments yet

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Radegast brewery…

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Radegast brewery...

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Radegast brewery. In celebration of this milestone, Radegast will be offering a new unfiltered lager in its pubs and restaurants. Radegast unfiltered lager boasts a distinctive aroma of fresh brewer’s yeast and a typical yeast fog. Brewers from Nošovice give it a robust kick and distinct bitterness, characteristics which is shares with Radegast’s other beers. Radegast unfiltered lager will be on tap by the end of 2010 in selected pubs and restaurants, which meet strict norms in terms of care for beer.

“We have been brewing the unfiltered lager using traditional processes typical for Czech beer, using Czech ingredients, which means hops from Tršín and Žatec, malt from our own malt house and excellent water from the Morávka river,” said Manager or the Radegast brewery, Ivo Kaňák.

The Radegast unfiltered lager is bitter and robust, which is typical for beer from Radegast. However, it differs from traditional Radegast Premium in many respects. “The unfiltered beer’s aroma is slightly estery and perfectly sweetened by malt aromas. In a nice sip, one can clearly detect the distinct aroma of fresh brewer’s yeast,” Ivo Kaňák described the taste of the unfiltered beer, which can be distinguished by its typical fog and light yellow color.

This delicacy will be offered at selected pubs and restaurants around Moravia. Owners of these establishments have to meet strict conditions for storing and serving the beer. A list of pubs and restaurants is available on the Radegast website. The unfiltered lager will be on the market by the end of this year, in celebration of Radegast’s 40th anniversary.