RSSL helps industry address the challenges of a more discerning customer base

Posted: 3 November 2015 | Victoria White | No comments yet

RSSL can help food and beverage manufacturers address the challenges of a changing and increasingly discerning customer base…

Mintel’s report on the top twelve food trends for 2016 suggests some major changes ahead for the global food industry.


Consumer trends include the demand for alternative ingredients such as novel protein sources and the move towards artificial-free. The report highlights the key role that scientists will play in helping manufacturers address the challenges of a changing and more discerning customer base, says RSSL.

“The overriding theme of the report is that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about what they eat, more concerned about issues such as sustainability and authenticity, and more interested in choosing natural ingredients and options that are good for health and appearance,” notes Karen Masters of RSSL. “Ultimately the trends identified by Mintel suggest that consumers really want food manufacturers to get a thorough understanding of their ingredients: where they come from, how they are produced, what risks they pose, and how best to process, preserve and present the finished products.” Such demands will push primary science and research to the fore in the development of new products.

RSSL has invested in its laboratories to meet new challenges faced by the food industry

RSSL has been providing technical expertise to customers in the food and drink industry for almost 30 years. Investment at the company’s Reading laboratories has seen RSSL expand its services in many areas and signals a commitment to evolve its service offering to meet the new challenges faced by the industry.  RSSL’s scientific analysis services are supported by expertise in product development and reformulation as well as training and consultancy in disciplines such as allergen management, food safety and HACCP.

The Mintel report also suggests more opportunity for niche manufacturers and niche retailers, many without the technical and R&D resources of the bigger companies. “These smaller players can tap into our expertise with confidence,” adds Karen, “Knowing that we will be able to support them as they grow and develop.”

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