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SPX has a detailed understanding of mixing and homogenisation technology and its application in food and beverage processing…

SPX has a detailed understanding of mixing and homogenisation technology and its application in food and beverage processing. It offers an extensive range of solutions that are customised to specific production requirements and ensure high quality results and sustainable performance.

SPX’s ‘Flex-Mix’ series offers a total of seven mixers to meet very broad application needs including requirements to mix powders, liquids, particulates and even air for high and low viscosity fluids. The technology ranges from simple static and venturi mixers through to the state-of-the-art vacuum mixing provided by the Flex-Mix Instant model.

The Flex-Mix Instant is a high performance vacuum mixer that was developed by SPX based on a detailed understanding of the challenges faced in the food and beverage industry. It gives exceptionally efficient mixing performance and offers significant benefit over atmospheric mixers for all kinds of recombination applications including ice cream, desserts, infant formula and sweetened condensed milk.

Using a closed vacuum powder transport system, the Flex-Mix instant sucks powder underneath the liquid surface to facilitate wettability and dispersability of difficult to mix powders. It produces high shear and a controlled vortex; which ensure fine emulsions, improved product quality and shorter mixing times. The system also efficiently removes air from the mixture which helps to reduce oxidation, as well as improve product quality and consistency. The technology further enables the use of higher solids contents and a higher concentration premix, thereby improving production capacity and economy.

The Flex-Mix Instant is a closed system and so has the added benefit of inherently increased hygienic properties. The wet and dry phases of the process can be separated, which reduces the risk of microbiological issues. Additionally, the system configuration does not allow vapours to enter dry machine parts which can reduce the number of processing issues compared with open systems. A patented powder valve system on the mixer further prevents back flush of liquid into the powder section. The valve seats and seals are kept dry and clean, extending their lifetime, reducing blockages and minimizing any downtime.

The innovative APV Cavitator offers a new, revolutionary method of providing microscopic mixing and emulsification of liquids with liquids, solids with liquids and liquids with gases. The technology uses powerful shockwaves created by bubbles collapsing in a controlled cavitation field. This cavitation shockwave creates a very efficient, microscopic mixing effect that provides high mass transfer rates as well as improving hydration and emulsion stability. In dairy and food emulsions particle sizes of three or four microns can be achieved, making the use of the Cavitator ideal for difficult pre-emulsions prior to high pressure homogenisation.

In addition SPX has successfully applied the technology in a range of spray drying yield improvement applications by temporary viscosity reduction and improved gas dispersion. Overall this breakthrough technology can shorten processing times, reduce operating costs and deliver significant improvements to final product quality.

When it comes to homogenisation, SPX has a long history through its APV Rannie and Gaulin series. Its expertise in this area of food and beverage processing can help ensure the highest quality results for the most complex emulsions. SPX has the widest range of homogenisers for applications ranging from pilot plant to large scale production, and solutions are customised to specific processing needs. The art of producing efficient, reliable and consistent homogenisation results is based on an in-depth understanding of emulsions and production goals, whatever the application. SPX’s history with this technology makes its expertise unrivalled in the market place.

Whatever the production goals for mixing, dispersion or homogenisation processes, SPX has the breadth of technology, depth of expertise and proven capability in the supply of solutions that add value to a product with optimal, reliable performance and sustainable operation into the future. All are supported by global aftermarket services, leading food technologists and state-of-the-art Innovation Centres that help ensure customers are getting the best from their processes for today and tomorrow.

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