Leading technology for the production of infant formulas and dairy powders

Posted: 7 April 2015 | SPX | 1 comment

SPX offers a full range of technology for the production of infant formula and dairy powders…

Milk powder

SPX offers a full range of technology for the production of infant formula and dairy powders. Its integrated infant formula process line brings advanced mixing, UHT, cavitation and drying technology together with focus on increasing availability and production time. Through the vast experience it has from its Anhydro® brand, it can provide advanced equipment from standalone evaporator, spray dryer and freeze dryer systems designed specifically for the production of infant formula to complete processing lines.

As part of the production process, an evaporator is used to reduce moisture content in the liquid.

SPX Anhydro drying technology gives complete control over the characteristics of the powder including everything from moisture content to aromas and flavours. Systems are designed to optimise energy consumption and ensure straight forward cleaning and maintenance to maintain food safety and reliability. Automated control further ensures the process complies with the latest food standards and provides complete batch traceability.

SPX has also released a new early warning camera software system for use with its spray dryers. This innovative technology detects powder build-up on spray nozzles within the dryer and gives an early warning to the operators if there is a build-up which could eventually start a fire in the chamber. Using this technology, customers have the potential to reduce the number of system shut downs and increase production efficiency.

SPX’s latest hydrodynamic cavitation process further enables enhanced processing efficiency of dairy powders. From its APV brand, the Cavitator™ is a breakthrough technology that uses a rotor with precisely machined cavities spinning in a liquid chamber that generates controlled cavitation. The process generates and collapses bubbles due to the decrease and then increase in pressure produced. As the bubbles collapse, a very powerful energy wave (shockwave) is released into the surrounding liquid. This shockwave produces a very efficient, microscopic mixing effect and controllable, scale-free heating.

When used in the production of nutritional dairy powders, the Cavitator both reduces viscosity and structurally conditions the whey and milk. This significantly enhances spray drying efficiency. The viscosity reduction (temporarily) enables an increase in the solid levels during spray drying and other key processes, thereby considerably reducing the operational cost and improving sustainability of the process. The microstructural conditioning optimizes particle structure, size and distribution of solid components to further improve drying efficiency.

SPX solutions for the production of infant formulas and dairy powders are designed to maximize sustainability through heat recovery and ensure operational efficiency with fast and straightforward CIP processes. Through decades of experience and leading expertise, systems are carefully designed and engineered to meet individual application requirements and assure the highest levels of quality and safety.

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