7th Protein Summit 2014

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How food, pet food, feed and downstream processing industries co-operate in the supply chain and achieve innovation & sustainability goals…

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Turning protein sustainability challenges into business opportunities for food, feed and pet food industries.

Global transition is imminent in the protein industries. Security of supply of food and food protein is set to become an even more significant global issue. Demand for protein remains high. New high protein foods fuel growth in the food sector for more value added concepts. Consumers start to understand the importance and nutritional value of proteins, ‘Protein’ becomes a positive discriminator.  

3-in-1 Summit with Exhibition

The need to develop new sustainable protein sources, raw materials and processes could not be more pressing. New enabling technologies and processes can accelerate transitions in supply & demand, make value chains more sustainable and create new opportunities. Not one chain part can provide a complete solution for the value chain: forward, backward and cross integration is the challenge. The key question is therefore: How can food, pet food, feed and downstream processing industries co-operate in the supply chain and achieve innovation & sustainability goals? 

The summit offers three different tracks

1) Supply & Demand; forecasting growth & sustainability challenges for key protein ingredients
a)    what are the main supply drivers and what can be expected in the coming 3 years?
b)    What is the demand outlook in the food, pet food and feed industries?
c)    How to secure supply with growing demand? Which alternative sourcing strategies exist?

2) Health & Nutrition;
a)    What are the growth opportunities for high protein foods?
b)    How to best position protein, the category and new products?
c)    What are emerging growth segments and how to create sustainable value?

3) Technology & Innovation;
a)    What are the new technology breakthroughs?
b)    Which challenges exist for raw materials, technologies and new value chains?
c)    How to tackle these opportunities?

7th Protein Summit

The summit covers three protein groups; animal proteins, vegetable proteins and new Proteins.

7th Protein Summit 2014 – Creating value chains
Keynote contributions include business managers and opinion leaders from  Rabobank, Arla Foods, FrieslandCampina, DSM, Cargill, Danube Soya Association, Koch Membrane, Innova Market Insights, Wageningen University, Upfront, Ipsos, New Nutrition Business, Pulse Canada and many others.

The Protein Summit will attract top executives to work on consumer, retail, supply and sustainability challenges in the value chain in 3 different tracks, creating a unique platform exchange knowledge, share visions and gain strategy inspiration in the global proteins world. The combination of plenary sessions, specific parallel sessions and panel discussions guarantees dialogue and insights for all delegates. With over 150 delegates attending the 7th Protein Summit 2014 is the meeting place for industry experts.

Taste 100 new products and meet suppliers at Protein innovation plaza

The Protein innovation plaza with exhibiting organizations and new products will enable delegates to interact, form new alliances, start projects and create new business opportunities. The Summit is well-known for its excellent networking during long coffee- and lunch breaks, dinner and the opening reception. Taste 100 new high protein foods and new protein ingredients. Learn also more about ongoing research and projects at various research institutes and actively participate in innovation processes. Many opportunities exist for setting up joint research projects between research institutes and manufacturing- & ingredient companies.

18 & 19 September 2014 – Plenary and breakout sessions

Keynote speakers will discuss trends, business cases & opinions followed by a panel discussion.

Keynote speakers

  • Mr. Gordan Bacon, CEO, Pulse Canada 
  • Prof. Dr. Raoul Bino, Director, Agrotechnnology & Food Science Group (AFSG)
  • Prof. Geert Sanders, University Groningen/ Nyenrode Business University

Breakout sessions

  • Jeroen Leffelaar, Global Head Animal Proteins, Rabobank International
  • Mr. Matthias Krön, Chairman International Danube Soya Association
  • Mr. Peter Leonhardt, Technical Manager Proteins, Fibers and Lipids, Cargill Starches & Sweeteners Europe (Germany)
  • Dr. Peter Messent, Consultant, Independent Consultant Pet Food Industry (United Kingdom)
  • Mr. Kevin Bellamy, Senior Global Dairy Analyst, Rabobank International (The Netherlands)
  • Ms. Yasemin Özdemir, Market Analyst, Innova Market Insights (The Netherlands)
  • Mr. Julian Mellentin, Director, New Nutrition Business (France)
  • Dr. Hans Westerbeek, Development Director Food Ingredients, FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre (The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Cindy Gerhardt, Global Innovation Manager, DSM Food Specialties (The Netherlands)

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