The Serious Sweet Company launches premium fudge, toffee and brittle brand at ISM

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A new sugar boiled confectionery brand is being launched to fill what is currently been seen as a ‘major, untapped market…

Ultimate English boxes

A new sugar boiled confectionery brand is being launched to fill what is currently been seen as a ‘major, untapped market’ for premium fudge, toffee and brittle confectionery in a fun, convenient format.

‘Ultimate English’ is the first, independently branded product to be launched by The Serious Sweet Company – the Yorkshire-based confectioner that produces own-brand sugar boiled products for some of the UK’s leading supermarket and retail stores.

Launched at the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) in Cologne, the Ultimate English range contains five premium quality, all year round bagged favourites including fudge, toffee and brittles, as well as special-edition, boxed seasonal offerings.

Competitively priced, the new brand is designed to capitalise on a ‘major, untapped market’ for a convenient and fun fudge brand, in a market dominated by more serious, gift format products for the older demographic.

All ranges are accompanied by a unique, light-hearted brand creative targeted at ‘putting the fun back into fudge’ for adults, featuring ‘Alfred English’ – the one man band brand character whose purpose is to ‘bang the drum for fun and fudge’.

The Serious Sweet Company is a supplier of confectionery products to some of the best-known food retailers in the UK. Together with its sister company, Confection by Design, it supplies high quality ingredients and products to many leading food retailers including Marks & Spencer, Harrods, Tesco and Asda.

According to recent reports, sugar confectionery is expected to shift an annual volume of 180 million Kg across Europe by 2017 . In the UK alone, bite size confectionery has seen 40 per cent growth over the last four years and is now worth £550m per annum. The Ultimate English brand is designed to tap into this market, with all year round products developed as a fun and nostalgic everyday treat.

The history of The Serious Sweet Company can be traced back to the English spa town of Harrogate where its fudge is still handmade, hand scored and hand packed today. It is thought the company first started selling fudge in the town in 1843 as an antidote to the harsh taste of Harrogate’s medicinal sulphur water. In 2013, The Serious Sweet Company sold over £2m of traditional English confectionery, marking an increase of 17% on the previous year.

Ultimate English will initially be launched in the UK via a series of regional programmes aimed at high end independent retailers, supported by a campaign of consumer activity including PR, events and social media activity.

Managing Director of The Serious Sweet Company, Rob Whitehead, said: “We saw a huge gap in the sugar boiled confectionery market for a product that is high quality, but more convenient, relaxed and that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Most adults are big kids at heart and we know from our research that that’s what appeals about Ultimate English – the opportunity to enjoy some traditional treats in a much more modern, fun and convenient format.

“Although the brand may not take itself too seriously, we have been serious about ensuring the product itself is of premium quality and our 170 years of confectionery know-how has gone into the development of our range. As such we’re able to offer what we believe to be the world’s best fudge, toffees and brittles in unique, snack-sized chunks and shareable bag sizes.”

The Ultimate English range includes snacking and sharing packs of Rich all butter fudge, Crunchy cashew brittle, Rich hammer broken toffee, Golden honeycomb nuggets and Moreish coconut ice. The range also includes a selection of gifting boxes including; Madagascan vanilla clotted cream fudge, Salt water chocolate truffle fudge, Hazelnut brittle, Sicilian lemon coconut ice and Classic all butter fudge.