A refreshing new concept for drinks is launched

Posted: 6 December 2013 | Frecco | No comments yet

An exciting new way of delivering hot and cold beverages is being introduced for foodservice and hospitality operators this autumn…

An exciting new way of delivering hot and cold beverages is being introduced for foodservice and hospitality operators this autumn, offering an all-natural and intensely flavoured alternative to fruit teas and cordials in a convenient and no waste format.

A Frecco is an individually frozen taste explosion of fruit, herbs and spices that is set to revolutionise how hotels, cafes and even bars serve drinks. Offering a premium yet affordable alternative for both the hot and cold beverage menu, they are made from all natural ingredients, carefully crushed and blended to form intensely flavoured purees. Each Frecco is then frozen in single serve portions to lock in the flavour and natural goodness, and each contains a real fruit inclusion to add visual appeal.

By just adding water, the burst of flavours and aromas released are like nothing else on the market. Served hot, they can be a credible alternative to fruit infusions and teas which often disappoint on taste, while served cold with ice, they are a refreshing and less sweet option to cordials or other soft drinks. Extremely versatile, they can also be used for mocktails or as a base for cocktails, especially when it is not practical to use expensive fresh fruit juices, such as at outdoor events or festivals.

With over twelve in the range, you can choose from Wild Berry, Cranberry, Ginger & Lemon, Spiced Apple or Traditional Mulled Wine to serve hot, while flavours such as Iced Coffee, Mocha, Traditional Cloudy Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade, are a refreshing alternative, perfect served cold over crushed ice.

All drinks are available in two formats for ultimate convenience and to minimise wastage. Where individual drinks are required such as behind a bar, in a café environment, or even on an out of hours room service menu, then individually wrapped single serve portions are the perfect option. Naked Freccos, or unwrapped versions are also available, and are ideal when you want to be able to quickly take as many Freccos as required, without the need for unwrapping.

“The Frecco is an exciting new development within the foodservice market, and is a totally unique concept for drinks that offers the maximum convenience with the minimum of fuss or waste,” said Sian Ellingworth, Business Development Director at Frecco Food & Beverage.

“Made in the UK at our new state of the art factory, we have worked with our resident chef to ensure that all our recipes deliver on taste, as well as have that visual appeal by including real fruit pieces. The freezing process allows us to capture all the natural goodness and flavours of the fresh ingredients, producing an explosion of flavour that is unrivalled on the market today.”