EFSA publishes reference values for intake of vitamin C and manganese

Posted: 4 November 2013 | European Food Safety Authority | No comments yet

EFSA is updating advice issued previously on DRVs taking into account new scientific evidence…

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EFSA has set population reference intakes for vitamin C and adequate intakes for manganese as part of its ongoing work on Dietary Reference Values (DRVs). At the request of the European Commission, EFSA is updating advice issued previously on DRVs, taking into account new scientific evidence and recent recommendations issued at national and international level.

The two opinions were finalised by the NDA Panel after public consultations, ensuring that EFSA benefits from the widest range of information, data and views from the scientific community, stakeholders and other interested parties.

DRVs comprise a set of reference values such as average requirements, population reference intakes, adequate intakes, lower threshold intakes and tolerable upper intake levels. Scientific advice on DRVs is an important basis for the policy decisions of the European Union in the field of nutrition.