A new dimension of efficiency and cost saving for food processing lines

Posted: 4 October 2013 | Ann Hirst-Smith Associates | No comments yet

The new Pop-up flight is a simple but effective modular solution to the age-old problem of food losses on conveyor systems…

Ammeraal Beltech

A patent-pending innovation from Ammeraal Beltech, global conveyor belt manufacturer, is bringing real benefits for the food processing industry. The new Pop-up flight is a simple but effective modular solution to the age-old problem of food losses on conveyor systems. Products which have failed to discharge and remain on the belt on its return journey, and often then fall on to the packaging hall’s floor, are estimated to cost the food processing industry huge sums of money.

Ammeraal BeltechHow it works

Explains Graham Allen, Global Product Manager, Modular Belts, Ammeraal Beltech: ‘Our solution has been developed to stop these product losses, and make it easy for the processing or packaging company to maintain high hygiene levels, without constantly having to sweep floors and hand-clean sticky belts. The Pop-up flight is exactly what its name says. It pops up at the foot of the conveyor incline to support the food as it moves up the elevator, holding it steady. Then, once the product’s been successfully discharged, the flight pops down again so an automatic scraper can clean up the belt – especially helpful for clingy food products.’

Successful field trials

The patent-applied-for Pop-up flights are of modular design, and simple to retro-fit to existing conveyor belt systems. Newly introduced by Ammeraal Beltech, they have already been extensively trialled in the field. Sirena Cold Stores, Denmark, are a good example. Says [Tommy Pedersen, Managing Director: ‘‘We needed a solution to convey frozen fish from the floor line to ceiling height. Normal solutions such as a flighted incline conveyor were not possible – the fish freezes to the belt and has to be scraped off at the discharge point. Ammeraal Beltech’s Pop-up flight is a brilliant but simple solution for our problem. We have a shorter conveyor with a steep incline so the product doesn’t have time to defrost during transportation and we have eliminated potential food loss due to multiple belt transfer points. Plus we can still scrape the belt. In my opinion the Pop-up flight solution is perfect and I am looking forward to experiencing the long-term benefits of the system.’

Full details of Ammeraal Beltech’s Pop-up flights, and extensive range of conveyor systems, are available via the website,, where sales offices around the world, as well as local service centres, are listed.