HEINEKEN to revolutionise the at-home beer experience with Marc Newson collaboration

Posted: 26 September 2013 | Heineken | No comments yet

HEINEKEN unveiled a global collaboration with Marc Newson…

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HEINEKEN today unveiled a global collaboration with the award winning designer, Marc Newson. The partnership promises to create a concept that is set to revolutionise the way beer is experienced and enjoyed at home.

After months of preparation between Marc Newson and HEINEKEN’s innovation and design teams, behind the scenes images of the design process have been released, ahead of the new concept global launch next month in the design capitals of the world, Paris and Milan.

HEINEKEN’s research and development team has been tracking trends and drinking behaviours and found that consumers are looking to enjoy an upscale drinking experience in their own homes. The collaboration with the award winning Newson is designed to address this. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the design world; he has worked with a range of global clients to create industry leading designs, including furniture, kitchenware and technology. The dynamic partnership between HEINEKEN and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, is set to revolutionise the at-home beer experience for consumers.

Alexis Nasard, Chief Marketing Officer and President of Western Europe at HEINEKEN, said, “Design and innovation is at the core of HEINEKEN’s history, and we’ve been innovating for over 140 years to constantly create the best possible drinking experience. Marc Newson shares our innovative and progressive thinking, so we’re positive our concept will appeal to beer lovers globally.”

François-Xavier Mahot, Senior Director Global Innovation at HEINEKEN, said, “We spotted the opportunity to create a premium but playful at home drinking experience for consumers. The success of products such as coffee machines shows the importance of developing an iconic high end home appliance. We collaborated with Marc to create a contemporary concept that was based on quality, technology and cutting edge design.”

Marc Newson, designer, said, “I’ve always admired HEINEKEN, and noted the emphasis they place on high quality design for their product portfolio. We’ve started working on an exciting project which will be revealed later on this year, and are looking forward to seeing how consumers will embrace this innovation.”

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